“Black Sails” recap (1.06): “Who run the world? Girls!”


Previously on Black Sails, Eleanor betrayed Max, then saved Max, then got abandoned by Max, and has been trying to make it up to Max, who is being held prisoner but sort of voluntarily by Vane’s crew. LadyPirate Anne Bonny has also started bonding with our favorite prostitute.

We open on Max, illuminated by LadyPirate’s fire. She watches her through her screen, entranced by her hair as red as the flame she sits near, seemingly less nervous with the pirate sitting watch outside her tent.

Black Sails 106-1

Flint’s crew is still on board the ship with the hiding captain. Billy is using the moment of calm to try to talk to Gates about Mrs. Barlow’s suspicious relationship with Flint, but Gates doesn’t want to hear it.

Below deck, Mr. Scott is chained up with slaves, probably regretting betraying Eleanor. The other slaves want to signal to the pirates out the porthole, but Scott doesn’t want to help; he says the weapons can’t return to Nassau. The woman sitting next to Scott steps over him and puts the signal out anyway.

Back on the island, the pirates are still rioting outside, while some captains wait within. Eleanor has been holed up in her office, and while one Scottish optimist hopes the for the best, the rest of the grumpy men assume the worst.

Finally, she emerges, lovely as ever.

Black Sails 106-2Albeit tired

Eleanor nods once, signaling that she has lifted the ban on Vane’s crew. The Rapist, Hamund, blows her a kiss like the blood-boiling asshat he is.

Hamund trods off to celebrate with a little sexual violence, but he finds LadyPirate standing guard over Max and her tent.

Black Sails 106-3

Hamund is less than pleased, and Mustachio Jack pulls her aside for a word, asking why she’s risking her life to protect a whore.

LadyPirate stands up for Max, telling Jack not to call her that, and let it be known, that she shall henceforth no longer be known as LadyPirate. Our redheaded brooder has earned her name at last: Anne Bonny, you go girl.

Mustachio Jack does eventually convince her to stand down because he is afraid she’ll be thrown in the tent along with Max if she doesn’t, but she does it reluctantly, and tosses Jack a reproachful look in response.

On Flint’s ship, Billy reads the letter from Mrs. Barlow that is pleading with someone in Boston to grant Flint protection, stating that he wants to retire from his life of piracy. She offers the receiver of the letter money to protect Flint, stating that his crew will surely kill him if they learn of his betrayal.

Meanwhile one of Flint’s genius plans fails miserably, so he demands someone find him a new one.

Billy pulls Gates aside again and tells him about Mrs. Barlow’s letter and Flint’s potential pardon and Gates is like, “You’re kidding me, right?” Just like a funeral is a bad time to tell your parents about your relationship, a pirate battle is a terrible time to chat about how crazy you think your captain is.

Back on Nassau, Eleanor ponders life by the light of some lanterns when she is visited by none other than Anne Bonny. Anne has some choice words for Eleanor, and tells her that it pains her to be this close to her.

Black Sails 106-4It doesn’t pain me, not one bit.

But Anne Bonny admits she’s desperate, she needs Eleanor’s help. She says what Hamund has been doing isn’t right. (And I think she ships Eleanor and Max.)

Eleanor asks what she can do, and Anne says she can’t do it… everyone knows SHE hates him… she’s too close…but Vane is gone, and now is the time to kill Hamund.

At first, Eleanor refuses, and Anne spits the word coward in her face. But Eleanor clarifies—she won’t do Anne’s plan, but only because it isn’t dangerous enough.

Eleanor points out that there are eight men left on Vane’s crew, all of whom support Hamund, it would be foolish to kill Hamund, a suicide mission at best. If they want to kill Hamund, they’ll have to kill them all.

Eleanor’s plan is to make them all disappear into the night, with no one the wiser that her or Anne Bonny had anything to do with it.

Anne Bonny looks at her and says, “Impossible.”

Eleanor looks back and says, “Impossible things are happening every day.” (Okay, maybe that one was Whitney Houston. But she did say it was possible, they’ll just need a little help.)

Eleanor goes to Silver and tells him her plan. He laughs at her and asks why on earth he would help her, but she corrects him—she was not asking him for help, she was granting him the opportunity to help her. When he refuses, she says fine, then she’ll make him beg her to help instead. Eleanor, finally having a way to potentially win Max back, or at the very least to save her, has turned up the sass and the badassary and it’s amazing.

Black Sails 106-5 Anne agrees.

Eleanor informs Silver that she is the center of all commerce, someone neither Silver nor Flint wants as an enemy. Better still, Eleanor is the only person who would be able to dissuade Flint from killing Silver. So NOW how does he feel about helping them?

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