Ellen rocks the Oscars, looks amazing in a tux


Before we get into the highlights of the 86th Annual Academy Awards (The Oscars, if you’re nasty), let’s take a moment to bask. Ellen DeGeneres, arguably the world’s most famous lesbian and your grandmother’s favorite person, hosted the event, rocking tux after fabulous tux. Yes. An out lesbian wearing designer tuxes, hosted the freaking Oscars. Are you thoroughly basked?

86th Annual Academy Awards - Show

Ellen kicked off the show with the signature sweet and salty monologuing that she does so well. Wearing a sparkly, dark blue tuxedo and cravat, she good-naturedly ribbed the celeb audience. She “mistook” Liza Minnelli for a drag queen, begged the Academy to stop nominating Meryl Streep because of the high cost of red carpeting, and called Matthew McConaughey “rugged, dirty, pretty.” One of her biggest laughs came when she brought up the moment in Wolf of Wall Street in which Jonah Hill’s character shows the audience that his teeth weren’t the only prosthetic he donned. She teased that it was something she “hadn’t seen in a very long time.” Zing!

The presenters kicked off with Anne Hathaway presenting the Best Supporting Actor statue to Jared Leto, who won for his role in Dallas Buyers Club. Leto most certainly learned from critics of his previous acceptance speeches, and focused on his beloved family and those who have battled and lost their lives to AIDS.

On a very sweet note, the makeup team from Dallas Buyers Club won for best makeup design, which was made even sweeter by the fact that they only had a budget of $250 to transform the cast.

The wildly popular Disney animated musical Frozen won Best Animated Feature much to the surprise of absolutely no one.

The short documentary Lady in Number Six, based on the incredible life of Holocaust survivor Alice Sommer, took home a bittersweet win as Ms. Sommer had passed away last week at the age of 110. The film’s director and team gave a touching dedication to their dearly departed muse.

Ellen did not perform any big song and dance numbers, but rather focused on being amongst the audience for most other the night. At one point, she ordered pizza for the crowd…well, three large pies at least. Brad Pitt wasted no time in having a slice. I’m still not sure if the stunning and very pregnant Kerri Washington got the piece that was promised to her. For all its goofiness, it was a sweet and very candid moment on a night full of such pageantry and glamour.

Kevin Spacey gave us some House of Cards realness while honoring the winners of the evening’s special Oscars, including a humanitarian award for Angelina Jolie.

Shortly after Ellen’s first costume change of the evening (into a gorgeous, ivory tux) she gather a few A-listers for the selfie to end all selfies. The picture was so popular, that it temporarily crashed Twitter. It’s officially the most retweeted tweet at over 2 million and rising. Now that’s how you party!


Crowd and critic favorite Lupita Nyong’o pulled off a much-deserved Best Supporting Actress win for her role in 12 Years a Slave. She proceeded to give the most touching speech of the evening, thanking her chosen family, the real woman her character was based on and closing with the inspiring words, “No matter where you are from, your dreams are valid.”

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