“Grey’s Anatomy” recap (10.13): Cat’s Outta the Bag


Jimmy is struggling to breathe and Alex knows he is close to death. He tells his father that Naomi and Nicky’s plane was delayed, but they are coming, and know that Jimmy loves them. Jimmy can’t hold on much longer, so Alex tells him to go ahead and let go. Jimmy does, and slips away. For all of Alex’s gruffness, all the anger he carries around like a precious diamond, he extends the ultimate kindness to a man who brutalized and abandoned him.  Alex is nothing like his father. He’s 10 times the man his father was.


Bailey is feeling left out, and tries to get the gossip from Ben. He refuses, saying that he’s the odd man out and needs his fellow residents to trust him. Bailey pouts and gets all motherly with Ben. She really needs to cut that out. Also, stop with the bagged lunches. Let the man have a hamburger!

Derek finds Meredith to tell her about the vetting and more importantly, about Betcher. Derek shares an intimate part of his backstory. When he was young, and playing hockey (probably with a glorious mullet) he crosschecked Betcher, and caused a serious brain injury. It’s what inspired him to be a brain surgeon. He tells her that he’s been paying for his care ever since. Meredith takes this bombshell pretty well, mostly because she’s still really stuck on the Presidential thing. She wants him to admit that he wants it, which he does. When his phone rings she answers. It’s not the White House though; it’s an emergency board meeting.

The board gathers and Owen comes in all stern faced, which is what his resting face looks like, but that’s beside the point. One of the residents has filed a complaint against an attending for all sorts of misconduct. All the attendings start to freak (except Callie) thinking it was their respective resident.  Owen has had just about enough of everyone’s personal lives affecting their work. “Here, here” said all the patients in unison. From now on, there is a zero tolerance policy instated. No more banging residents. Sloan Grey might as well just sink into the ground, right now.


For someone who may have just had a complaint filed against them, Jackson is pretty calm, and cooking dinner at home. He calls out to someone, and April wraps her arms around him. There are secretly together after all! On her finger, we notice a wedding band. We flash back to that fateful night three weeks ago, when April left her own wedding. She’s crying in the woods in her wedding dress. Watch out for bears April! She questions what the hell all this was for, and Jackson says he wants to whole big package with her. He asks her to marry him, and they ride off to Lake Tahoe to make it official.


Here are some of our favorite #GreysGays tweets.

I would not be opposed to a spinoff where Leah is like Mary Tyler Moore except that actually she just sleeps with married women. #greysgays

— dufrau (@dufrau) February 28, 2014

Could these interns be anymore annoying? Shonda you know what you need to do, what you do best.. #GreysAnatomy #GreysGays — xo (@Queen_EvilRegal) February 28, 2014

Hey Shane, when Alex tells you to walk away, it’s a good idea to listen to him. #greysgays #GreysAnatomy — Catherine (@CMeushaw) February 28, 2014

I’m actually surprised it’s taken this long for a sexual harassment storyline on this show. #GreysAnatomy #greysgays

— Tabatha (@DanceUponMyToes) February 28, 2014

HAHA! If they actually pursue this, very single doctor should be fired. Literally, all of them. #GreysAnatomy #greysgays

— Emmalee (@Shipper648) February 28, 2014

Doesn’t it seem like bad luck to get married in a dress you picked out to marry someone else? #GreysGays — Amy Allen (@Amy_Allen1976) February 28, 2014

Grey’s, you brought it tonight. I approve. But I swear to god. If Leah filed that complaint agst Arizona, I will BURN IT DOWN. #greysgays — Marieill Hill (@marieillhill) February 28, 2014

When will they learn to not smash their expensive surgeon hands into glass? #GreysGays

— Chen Drachman (@shokoshik) February 28, 2014

Arizona forget the cards you’re getting a sweet ice cream machine. #GreysGays

— Lady Liberty (@CindyLMarshall) February 28, 2014

Ok, not technically a #GreysGays tweet but still…

Ok wait. The lady doctors are together and buying a house?

— I. Marlene King (@imarleneking) February 28, 2014

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