“Grey’s Anatomy” recap (10.13): Cat’s Outta the Bag


The Catman feels really awful about scaring half the hospital. He also feels kind of shitty about his life in general. The walk he took today that started this chain reaction of badness, was the first time he’d left his house in over a year. Being a cat person is apparently quite isolating. Now he just wants to go home.

Owen, Shane, Ben and Richard are all in surgery together. Shane is asked to step in and do a procedure, but Owen continues on his quest to destroy whatever is left of his confidence. Owen grills him over rudimentary med school training, and Shane’s nerves get the best of him. Owen orders Shane to leave the OR.

Stephanie finally gathers the nerve to be in the same room as Jackson. He fumbles and tries to apologize, but she doesn’t want that. What she wants is for him to fix the Catman pro bono. Be useful, she tells him. Damn. Four for you Stephanie.


Shane, who has apparently not suffered enough abuse at Owen’s hand, seeks out Alex to apologize. Alex warns him to stay away, but when Shane pushes, Alex pushes back. Literally. He knocks Shane to the ground and punches him repeatedly in the face. Shane just takes it, until Cristina and Meredith manage to break it up.  As Cristina rushes Shane away, Meredith holds Alex, until he finally holds her back.

Cristina tends to Shane’s lacerations, and listens as he unloads. He thought that by coming back, maybe he could make up for all the damage he caused. Shane has been punishing himself since Brooks’s death, so he is no stranger to emotional self-flagellation. Cristina agrees that he deserves what he got, but also shines some mercy on him. She shows him pictures of a thriving baby Nathan, who Shane’s innovation and determination helped save. We all make bad choices and good ones, she tells him. “Make more good ones” is her sage advice. Cristina doesn’t mess around with ornamental language or needless stories. She tells the simply truth, even when it hurts.


The time has come to seal the deal on the The Calzona Murder House, and Arizona is tickled pink. She’s so ready to sign, but Callie raises her concern. She comes with the house. What if that isn’t what Arizona wants? Three weeks ago, Arizona thought they were through. What if this is merely a Band-Aid for a sucking chest wound? Arizona looks at Callie with more love in her eyes then we’ve seen in a long time. For her, this house represents all the new things about herself and her relationship with Callie. There is no sickness and despair etched into the tiles, or permeating the sheets. There is no loss and daily reminder of who Arizona used to be. This house is who they are now. A couple that has faced everything, and come out of the darkness holding hands. This is where they can grow their family and start again. Arizona can’t make any promises that this will all work out, but none one can. All she knows is that her face is ouchy from smiling and dreaming about the thought of a beautiful life. Callie smiles. I smile. EVERYONE SMILES! They kiss again and the clouds lift and rainbows shoot out of every angle. Halleluiah.


Stephanie finally breaks down in the stairwell with Leah, after confronting Jackson. Her heart just hurts so much, and seeing him and April around the hospital is just too painful. Leah understands that pain all too well, and something shifts in her. Stephanie wants to leave, but Leah tells her that isn’t the way to rise above this. Leah reminds Stephanie that Jackson is her boss, and this is something of an epidemic at the hospital: bosses sleeping with their students. They’ve both been screwed with and tossed aside. Leah tells her maybe it’s time to do something about it. Oh shit.


Richard confronts Owen about his treatment of Shane. Owen hems and haws but Richard cuts him to the quick. He thinks Owen is reacting this way because Shane was sleeping with Cristina. Before Owen can even growl out a response, he’s interrupted. The HR department wants to speak with him. I didn’t even think this hospital had an HR department.

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