“Grey’s Anatomy” recap (10.13): Cat’s Outta the Bag


Derek’s hair is perfectly tousled, and his suit is finely pressed, because today the White House is vetting him. I hope Derek doesn’t watch House of Cards, because that shit is terrifying. The vetters (is that a word?) let him know that this will be a nice, easy, incredibly invasive process. So they start with his wife. The one he slept with when he was her superior.  You can almost hear Derek gulp.

In happy news, Meredith and Cristina are talking again. It’s a little bit cautious, but they exchange words that aren’t antagonistic or laced with double meaning. So progress! In fact, Cristina offers to share a surgery with Meredith. Nothing says “we’ve made up” like an aortic aneurism. They later lesbian process even better than Calzona, when Meredith asks Cristina about Shane. Cristina admits to being furious with him. Like limb-tearing furious. Meredith confesses her frustration at Derek’s success. She’s killing him with kindness though, because the nicer she is, the guiltier he feels. Ah yes, a skill passed down from generations of our passive aggressive foremothers.


Shane is indeed back, and watching over him like a bearded, angry hawk, is Owen. He chides and belittles Shane while doing a simple intubation, and Shane’s nerves get the best of him. Richard, who is also there, suggests that Owen back off his attack a little, but Owen is resolute. If he had it his way, Shane would never step foot in his hospital again.

Jo is still taken aback by her new title of fiancé, a position that she was neither offered nor accepted. She thinks. She talks it out with Leah, and then remembers her make out sesh with a distraught Alex against the barn. Maybe that’s when it happened. April pops her head into the room and things get awkward real quick.

Callie, who looks pleased as punch, and Stephanie, who is desperately trying to avoid Jackson, are attending to the Catman. The Catman tells the docs that he didn’t like who he was, so he changed it. He’s also worried about the little girl that was also involved in the accident. Callie is impressed with his “all in” attitude, because of course she is. It’s one of the things that’s so amazing about Calliope Torres. If you are going to love, go all in. If you are going to rage, go all in. Except for Murder House…she seems a little hesitant.


She runs into Arizona, who is super excited about the house. They are signing the papers that day, and even have a notary who will come to them. Yea! April joins them, and it’s a role reversal of the earlier part of the season for her and Arizona. Now it’s Arizona offering comfort to April, who feels like everyone is giving her “cheater eyes.”  Arizona knows that feeling well. When April hears the great Calzona news, she re-gifts them an ice cream maker that she’s been stuck with and hasn’t been able to return since the un-wedding. A house is not a home without a large, mostly useless appliance that makes frosty goodness. Bailey, who feels out of the loop, goes to Callie for all the gossip, but Stephanie interrupts them with words that strike fear into every lesbian’s heart. “The Cat got out.” Catman is missing.

Jackson and Leah are performing a surgery together, because Leah is a bro who took one so Stephanie didn’t have to. While she’s in close quarters with Jackson, she takes the opportunity to read him the riot act in front of the entire operating room. He explains that he’s been trying to apologize to Stephanie, and he had no idea he was going to do what he did. Leah, a true honey badger, doesn’t care. She asks what the point was. They are all alone now anyway. Jackson, April, and Stephanie. The carnage served no purpose.

The Catman isn’t missing after all. He went to find the injured little girl and check in on her. He stands above her bed, apologizing, when she stirs. When their eyes meet, she beings to scream. He begins to scream. Arizona runs in, sees him and begins to scream. If you thought Arizona’s happy face was adorable, her screaming face is almost as grand.


Jo decides to confront Alex about the whole engagement deal, which could only end one way. Badly. Of course Alex gets defensive and angry, because those are his default emotions. She tells him that she’s not ready to get married and perhaps all of this is just Alex’s grief rising to the surface. Alex is like, “fuck all” so Jo uses her Lara Croftiness to break a vending machine. I’ve never been more impressed with her.

Things are going swimmingly at Derek’s vetting, until they bring up Michael Betcher. Apparently Derek sends his mother $3500 a month, and they want to know why. So do I! Also, how much bank is Derek bringing home a month that $3500 isn’t even a noticeable amount to Meredith. Can I move to the MerDer Mansion? I have some student loans that Derek can tackle.


Alex checks in on Jimmy, who is fading fast and really suffering. Alex lies and says that Naomi and Nicky are on their way. When Jimmy notices that the guitar is missing, he panics. Alex lies again and tells him that he put it in storage. Jimmy makes him promise to get it, and give it back to Naomi. He stole it, and needs return it. Oh Jimmy.

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