“Real World: Ex-plosion” star Ashley Ceasar talks San Francisco girls and one-night stands


Last Thursday I spent a pleasant half-hour Google hangin’ with Ashley Ceasar, Ari Fitz‘s on-again/off-again girlfriend on The Real World: Explosion. If you’re anything like me, A.) you’re charmed by Ari and Ashley’s stunningly sane on-camera relationship and B.) please stop, I want to be special.

Before interviewing Ashley, Ari warned me “not to fall in love with her… she has that effect” and while I’m not in love (I’m dead inside), I was taken by her easy smile and diplomatic responses to my more… exotic questions. After covering the gay bases—identity and history—we moved on to questionable women we’d like to sex up, the pros and cons of breast implants, LA girls v. San Fran girls, and what Ashley looks for in a one-night stand.