“Lost Girl” Rewind Mini-Cap (4.05): Let the Dark Times Roll


Rewind is a weekly mini-recap following the Syfy broadcast of “Lost Girl.” Read the full episode recap here.

So Bo is Dark and the Una Mens are unsuckable (that is much less dirty than it sounds), so she does the one thing that makes sense: Party! Bo goes to visit the Morrigan, but finds Evony instead of Vex. Newly re-eyeballed (Is that a thing? I’m making it a thing.) Evony invites her to her first Dark Fae fiesta. It’s turns out to be kinda lame, but damn if it doesn’t have the best party favors ever.


Bo and Lauren’s mouths say, “I guess we have a lot to talk about.” But their bodies say, “Shut up and make out, you idiots.” And they do. Sweet merciful Zeus, they do.

Sure, other things happen in this episode. Trick goes before the Una Mens and they talk about some crazy seed which has some crazy power which the Blood King stole and them some mysterious something steals back from him. So they make him the acting Ash. Oh, he never mentioned he’s the Blood King? His bad. But, plot smot, let’s get back to what really matters. Bo and Lauren and a tray of mini-quiches. I’ve had many dreams that weren’t this perfect.


The Morrigan barges in and demand they “Scissor already!” Looks like someone has watched too much Blue is the Warmest Color. But before they can explain that scissoring, while indeed a technique employed by many gay women, is not as commonplace as popular culture makes it seem–Evony sends them off on a mission to find Vex. And she makes them take a third wheel along.

In another subplot that sadly does not involve Bo and Lauren making out, Kenzi and Tamsin find themselves in an unexpected battle to buy Bruce out of indentured servitude. Remember Bruce? Man, I wish they used Bruce more. Right, where were they? Oh, the battle. Tamsin chooses a dance-off because she thinks it’ll be the easiest and hasn’t seen any of the Step Up films.


Needless to say, it goes poorly until she Valk-faces her opponent. All is fair in love and dance, yo. If every episode involved this much hot making out and dorky dancing I’d be a happy, happy fangirl.

Instead, both the dancing and the making out are over as Bo and Lauren go off in search of Vex. They find him, but their plan to capture him goes poorly. Well, at least they capture one of his appendages.


Mission sort of accomplished, Bo turns to Lauren and is like, “Let the sexytimes roll!” But Lauren says she needs to stay and that the Dark are letting her finally be free and she is choosing her own cage or something that does not involve them naked in a claw-foot tub together. And then she gives Bo the Friendzone Arm Pat. That sound? A million Doccubus fangirls sreaming, “Dammit, they’re back on a break?”











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