“Lost Girl” Recap (4.11): The evil of the thriller


But before we have time to understand what is happening, we’re back at the Suck Shack and Kenz is trying to find a suitable post-engagement snack. Instead, Massimo finds her. Yes, that Massimo. Druid burned up to a crisp in his own lava pit Massimo. He’s still a little crispy, but definitely not dead. And also he is definitely pissed and taking it out on Kenzi. Don’t you hurt her! I will climb right through this screen and kick your ass, you big bully.


But Hale gets there before I can, and dismisses Massimo with a few extra kicks to the gut for good measure. After he’s done he unleashes the death Siren. It seems to do the trick, but also makes his own ears bleed. Remember when the same think happened after Ianka’s Death Note and he kept it from her? This is why you shouldn’t keep things from your significant other.

Not only are Hale’s ears bleeding, his ears have stopped working. He can’t hear anything, no Kenzi’s screams to look out for Massimo rising up behind him. And then it’s too late. And for all of our fragile hearts, too early. Hale whispers out one last, “I love you” and is gone.


He’s dead. Hale is dead. Massimo is alive and Hale is dead. Massimo was saved by the Twig of Zamora. It’s the same twig Dyson gave to Hale for his inauguration as the Ash and then Hale gave to Kenzi to protect her from The Morrigan. And Kenzi gave it to Massimo to fund her Sparkle Motion addiction. Not to make a terrible joke at a tragic time, but this is why you should never regift.

You know, I always liked Hale. How could you not like Hale? Sure, sometimes he seemed more like a fedora and a smile than a fully realized character. (Not K.C. Collins’ fault, by the way, just underused.) But he was part of the team from the beginning. He was one of the good guys. And he made Kenzi happy. And what makes Kenzi happy makes us happy. And what makes Kenzi sad, well, you know.


Bo finally returns from the longest booze run ever. But what she finds is Kenzi laying on a lifeless Hale. She rushes over, but there’s nothing she can do. Kenzi won’t take “nothing” for an answer and asks/begs/demands Bo save his life like she saved Dyson’s life after The Yawning.

But Bo insists there’s not enough chi. When she vaccusucked life back into Dyson, she had Kenzi and Lauren and Trick and Stella to feed off of. But here it’s just one little Kenzi. But do you know how no one is a sidekick in her own life? Well, Kenzi finally asserts her own hero status and calls Bo selfish for only helping herself and not her when she needs it the most. So Bo tries.


But she stops, if she takes more she’ll kill Kenzi. And she’ll always choose Kenzi. The poor girls keeps repeating, hysterically, “I was gonna say ‘Yes!’ I was gonna say ‘Yes!’” Like I was saying, when Kenzi hurts, we hurt. She’s the Willow of Lost Girl. And this is her “Seeing Red.” But Willow never had Bo to give her some of the magic glowy hands and calms her down. I feel like there probably would have been a lot less flaying and turning, you know, evil if there had been.


So, is this the death of someone Bo “loves very much” that the Leviathan was alluding to? Or are we in for more heartache and despair? I don’t know about you, but suddenly I kind of get the inclination to flay someone.


Really, this is just about common courtesy.

“Guys, unbelievable Seriously, would I leave a dead body on the floor if her boyfriends was coming over?”


This wardrobe department never disappoints. Ever.


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