“Lost Girl” Recap (4.11): The evil of the thriller


Bo and Dyson bring Laveau back to Harvey. But, twist! Laveau and Harvey the Sexual Harasser are working together. And Laveau is the head Revenant. And now a horde of the unwashed undead is gunning for them. Get in the house, Carl! Luckily, Bo uses her head and removes Laveau’s.


Then to gain power of the ZombFaes, she takes a big ol’ swig of Laveau. Yeah, it’s about as gross as you would imagine. Though, on the plus side, that’s a killer shade of lip gloss. LITERALLY.


So the Afternoon of the Living Dead is over, but the Afternoon of Familial Dysfunction continues. Kenzi orders her mom and cousin out, and will accept no “explanation” for why he’s not that bad a guy after all although he was terrible to her growing up. Mama K proves that couples do turn into each other as she raises a hand at Kenzi. But our girl will have none of it. She’s not that small girl, that street urchin, that helpless victim anymore. We make our own families.


Monster of the Week slain, Dyson is having a stiff drink at the Dal. It is, it seems, the only thing on him that has been stiff of late. Ahem. Bo comes in to “talk.” But wolf’s aren’t great at processing. Fetch a stick or rip a zombie head off? He’s your man. But this? He tells her, “At least with Lauren I knew she cared.” But this Wanderer? Yeah, if he turns out to be the The Big Bad, the D-Man doesn’t think he can help her. You reap what you have athletic shower sex with, Succubus.

Bo looks hurt, but then I’m not entirely sure what she was expecting. She tells Dyson, “We were always more than just lovers.” Doccubus fandom hackles, activate. But then we get the big confession. She’s not still in love with him. Hackles down, order restored. I feel a little sorry for the big pup. He’s the proverbial dog without a bone.


Hey, remember when Trick and Vex were having a burgeoning bromance? Well, it turned out to be less of a fine romance and more of a sneaky way of seeing if he’s the one who took the Demon Seed. Our favorite Mesmer is rightfully insulted. No one wants to get invited over for a few drinks only to be accused of being a megalomaniac supervillain. But he also doesn’t deny the supervillain part. I still don’t think he is the one with the seed, but more on that later.

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