“Lost Girl” Recap (4.11): The evil of the thriller


Bo runs downstairs for drinks and stumbles into The Walking Dead instead. A zombie interloper threatens her access to Fresca, until someone slices off its head from behind. Oh, hai, Sarah Connor. No, Acacia isn’t dead. Yes, she has both hands back.

Tamsin is understandably perplexed. Or pissed. Probably both. Seems Mossimo grew a new hand back on her stump where Rainer chopped off that last one. Oh, that Druid, is there nothing he can’t do? Let’s put a pin in that question and move on. Acacia is also now a hunter of Revenants, which are zombified dead Fae sent to settle old scores.


When Acacia hears Bo is now shagging with her appendage liberator, she tries to make like a tree and get the fuck out of there. What? I couldn’t have said “leave,” that would have been cliché. But then Tamsin finds a “The Wanderer” calling card on the dead revenant and everyone has questions. Conveniently, Wander Hunk isn’t there, having left for the battlefields to pay respect to the dead. That old chestnut.

But the card, plus Rainer’s lack of entrants in any Fae history books, perk up Bo’s curiosity enough to leave with Tam-Tam and Acacia to prove her boyfriend isn’t reanimating the dead in order to create an enormous Fae army and/or new friends. I don’t know, he’s new back on this dimension. And it is harder to make friends as an adult–that’s just a fact.


Hey, are you ready to be a little less confused about what the hell is happening and where Wanderer fits in in the whole scheme of things and why we keep seeing that angry fire-breathing Pegasus? Let Grandpa Trick tell you a story. And by “you,” I mean “Vex.”

Grampy T says Rainer wasn’t really evil, just defiant. The angry fire-breathing Pegasus whose name I have no idea how to spell and spent 20 minutes Googling was real evil. (Emily Andras says Pyrippus, so Pyrippus it is!) And then he goes on about how he should have been a better king and other stuff you say when you’ve had a few too many sips from the flask. Then they become a mutual admiration society: “Your dad was a great man!” “You’re not so bad yourself, gramps!” etc., etc.


Back at the Suck Shack, Kenzi gets a knock on the door. But instead of being her abs-so-licious sex machine (or a dead dude), it’s her cousin, Dimitri. Also, her mom. See, this is exactly why I live 3,000 miles away from my family. I love them, I really do. But no way I’m subjecting myself to the unexpected parental drop-by.


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