“Lost Girl” Recap (4.11): The evil of the thriller


You know that BFF you had in middle school. You guys went to the mall together. You guys spoke on the phone for hours together. You guys coordinated weekly outfits together. But then your friend got a boyfriend (or girlfriend, depending on how progressive your school was). All of a sudden your friend doesn’t call, doesn’t write, doesn’t coordinate high-top Chuck Taylors with you anymore.

So what’s a gal to do? Watch schlocky zombie and vampire movies and/or Jerry Maguire with your new emerging bestie while mainlining Twizzlers, of course. (But not Red Vines. Oh, yeah, that’s a battle line being drawn.) But then that awkward moment comes when you are complaining about your former BFF to your new BFF. And the former comes bearing reconciliatory gifts of candy (though not Twizzlers, this means war!) and no one exactly knows where to look. Yep, it’s like that.


Bo comes up to Kenz bearing sugar and apologies. She’s sorry for her non-stop boinking with Game of Thrones Ken Doll Rainer. Kenzi asks when she’ll stop locking her, Lauren and Dyson out. And demands some sort of proof this isn’t a form of brainwashing and evidence of continued best friendhood.

Bo assures her she’s still her No. 1, and sometimes Dyson and Lauren have acted like little No. 2s. Like, say when Dyson gave his love away and became an a-hole forever afterward. Mopey dick, indeed. And Lauren, well she’s all buddy-buddy with the Morrigan. And, not to rain on my own Doccubus parade, but there was also the little business of her spybanging, girlfriend in a coma, reuniting with said girlfriend post coma, and taking a break to find herself/escape the Light. But, hey, no relationship is “perfect.”


In the background, Tamsin is all, “See, I never did that. I just marked you so the Wanderer could find you. But that led to athletic shower sex so we’re cool, yes?”


Bo tells her what she has with Rainer is “bigger than love.” Oh, so now you’re saying The Beatles were wrong and love isn’t all you need? You’re really going to go against The Beatles? THE BEATLES? I mean, Ringo alone–sure, maybe. But the Fab Four all together? Simmer down, Oasis.

She then makes a “you complete me”-joke straight out of 1996 and Tamsin drops a reality bomb on the bonding. Hale is asking Kenzi to move in with her. Or, at least, that’s what they think he’s about to do. Bo can’t believe Kenz is going to leave her. And she replies with a tart, “Karma’s a bitch, hon.” But they hug it out anyway because she had her at “a-hole.”


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