We got married at the Grammys!


Seattle, Washington couple Brittany and Sally Pennington were captured on camera during their wedding last Sunday when the Grammys put on a mass ceremony during a performance of Macklemore and Ryan Lewis‘s “Same Love.” The track was up for Song of the Year, and had out lesbian vocalist Mary Lambert joined on stage by Queen Latifah and Madonna as is par for the course with the Grammys. They love to bring in special guests and legendary collaborators for mash-ups and songs new and old. (Madonna sang part of her hit “Open Your Heart” at the end of the performance.)

56th GRAMMY Awards - Show

As one of the couples making it official, Brittany says she had heard “Same Love” when the video depicting a same-sex wedding was first making the rounds on Facebook.

“It’s a beautiful song and I’m so happy to see how big it has gotten,” she said. She is “saddened” to hear the negative things being said about Macklemore, things like he’s an inauthentic opportunist coming from a place of straight white male privilege. “He took a big risk creating a song like this because it could have kept him from getting big in the music industry due to all the people who are against gay marriage but instead this song has gotten so huge and I’m so thankful he wrote it. All I can say is people can keep being hateful but you can’t stop love and every time this song airs it makes a statement and the fact that it play on TV, Grammys and radio is huge!”

56th GRAMMY Awards - Show

Brittany said she saw a casting call for the event on Craigslist, which said it was “looking for couples who wanted to get married at a huge event.”

“I sent in our info and they called us right away,” Brittany said. “That’s when we found out it was at the Grammys but they didn’t tell us anything else. It wasn’t until the day before the Grammys that we found out it was to ‘Same Love’ by Macklemore and that Queen Latifah and Madonna were involved also.”

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Here’s what Brittany wrote to us about the best night of her life:

For a year my partner and I were planning our wedding but when we got the opportunity to get married live on the Grammys to Macklemore’s song “Same Love” that was an opportunity we couldn’t pass up. I had to keep this wedding a secret for a whole month and I couldn’t wait for the world to see this. As I walked down the isle I could see some of the biggest celebrities crying. These people were crying at our wedding and that’s when it really hit me. Love is love and love is so beautiful! Katy Perry, who is one of my inspirations, was standing two inches from me as we exchanged rings and I looked over to see her crying. That moment I will never forget. It’s one thing to follow a celebrity whose music or movies you like but when you see them show emotion for something that is so important to you is just such an overwhelming feeling of joy.

There was so many beautiful couples in this ceremony some that I will never forget. Ever. As part of our gift for getting married we all received tickets to the Grammys after party. I was so excited to go and meet people but I was even more excited when hundreds of people were coming up to all of us and asking to take there pictures with us. People said that this was “historic, “monumental,” “they were so touched and happy to see this happening.” A lot of the people saying these things were straight. That’s when I realized the world may have discrimination but there is people all over rooting for gays all over and I am so happy and blessed to have had this amazing experience and get to marry the love of my life in front of the world.


Brittany said after the show, Madonna said congratulations, “but we didn’t get to spend much time with her.” Queen Latifah signed all of the couples’ marriage licenses, “gave a beautiful speech and hugged us.” No matter what some people might say about the performance, Brittany and Sally’s commitment is very, very real.

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