Rachel Bilson kisses The Mother on “How I Met Your Mother”


Monday night CBS aired the 200th(!) episode of How I Met Your Mother, and as a reward for sticking with the mystery over the last nine seasons, the show finally gave us a glimpse of things from The Mother’s point of view, including, of course, her relationship with her lesbian roommate Cindy (played as awesomely as ever by Rachel Bilson).

If you checked out on HIMYM sometime before the 200th episode — and no one could blame you; these last few seasons have been a bit of a slog — here’s a quick refresher: The Mother was in the first class Ted ever (accidentally) taught at NYU, but Ted didn’t meet her right away. Instead, he met and dated her roommate Cindy for a hot second. Fortunately for both of them, everything Ted loved in Cindy’s apartment belonged to The Mother, so their relationship didn’t last long. And from Cindy’s perspective, her breakup with Ted caused her to do some soul searching that led her to realize she’s gay.

We met Cindy during her short-lived relationship with Ted during season five. We were reintroduced to Cindy in season six when Ted ran into her at MacLaren’s and tried to apologize to her/hit on her roommate, who turned out to be her girlfriend. In season 8, Ted ended up on a train with Cindy (and her now-wife) on the way to Barney and Robin’s wedding. He asked if she knew a band that could perform at the last minute since Barney and Robin’s band had cancelled, so Cindy offered to call up her old roommate, The Mother, to see if she was available. And finally, on Monday night’s episode, “How Your Mother Met Me,” we got to see how Cindy figured out she’s a lesbian.


In one of The Mother’s flashbacks, she remembers that fateful day Ted was in her apartment, even though she never met him. She found Cindy crying in her room and Cindy explained that she and Ted had broken up because everything he mooned over in the apartment belonged to The Mother. And then:


Cindy: How could he not be in love with you? The way you fall asleep on the couch doing the crossword, the way your hair smells, the way your eyes sparkle. [Leans in and kisses The Mother.] Um, I might have some stuff to figure out.


The Mother: You might.

Cindy: I’m so sorry!

The Mother: No, it’s OK! It was nice. I haven’t been kissed in a really long time.

The Mother: [Present day narration] Not long after that, she met a nice girl. They fell in love. It’s a happy ending, for Cindy anyway.

This is probably the last time we’ll get to see Bilson’s Cindy since How I Met Your Mother is drawing to a close, but it was a nice treat to revisit her relationship with The Mother from her point of view. It was the best episode of the show in a long, long time, and not just because of the sweet lady kisses. You can watch the whole thing over at CBS.com.

Did you catch “How Your Mother Met Me?” What’d you think?

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