“Dracula” recap (1.10): Lady is a Vamp


Mina pulls the fire alarm (which doesn’t make anyone move?) and Grayson insists that she leave with Harker. Harker picks her up and drags her to safety, her cries of “ALEXANDER!” piercing the air (and my heart…girl can scream).

Dracula 110-5She was reduced to a terrified child. It was chilling.


When they recover from the blast, Mina assumes that Grayson is dead and blames Harker. Harker protests, but she stumbles away from him out of the rubble.

Lady Jayne arrives and surveys the scene. She calls out for Grayson, “You bastard, I know you’re still alive.” Like a gentlemen, he returns her call with a, “Hello” that implies he knows that she knows. And she KNOWS he knows she knows.

Grayson tsk tsks her weapon choice, so Lady Jayne throws down her gun and whips out axe-things that would make River Tam proud. They fight, and when Grayson has her in a compromising position, he says he thought she loved him.

Dracula 110-6A screenshot of Dracula in a Dracula recap! How rare! 

She tells him that she lied before stabbing him with the fancy knife the Seer gave her. He plays dead, and when she gets close enough, he throws her clear across the rubble, where she lands on a piece of debris, impaled like a regular ol’ Cordelia Chase.

When he approaches her, she begs for death, pleads to not be turned. In a final mark of respect for whatever twisted relationship they had, he kills her dead.

In the Westenra manor, Lucy calls out to wake her mother, who had been waiting by her bedside for her daughter to wake up. “Come to me, mother,” she calls out, stretching out her hands like a child, begging to be held. Her mother once again expresses her worry for her darling daughter who has been acting so strange, and Lucy quickly eases that worry…by eating her mother!

Dracula 110-7Nom, nom, nom.

Mina goes to Grayson’s place in one final attempt to find him. I’m sure it’s one of those “I’D KNOW IT IN MY HEART IF HE WERE REALLY GONE” things, or possibly delusions caused by grief, but just as she’s about to give up, Grayson appears. He explains about his first wife and how he was destined to love her. They hug, they kiss, they…well, you know.

Across town, Van Helsing tells Harker that Grayson is Dracula, and it seems as though a new Dracula-hunting team has formed.

What did you think of “Let There Be Light”? Are you hoping for a second season, or do you think they tied up the loose ends well enough? Am I the only one who wants a ten-episode run entirely dedicated to Vampire Lucy terrorizing London?

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