“Dracula” recap (1.10): Lady is a Vamp


Previously on Dracula, Lady Jayne began the hunt for Dracula. not knowing it was Grayson; Mina and Grayson finally admitted their love for one another, and Grayson turned Lucy into a vampire as punishment for breaking Mina’s heart.

We open on Lucy in bed, looking dreadful. Lucy’s mother comes in and opens the shutters, hoping a little sunshine will help her daughter feel better. It does the opposite of that, however, and Lucy recoils from the light, blaming it on a headache. She curls into the fetal position, and her mother expresses concern for her health. As soon as her mother turns away, however, Lucy smiles a vicious smile and we know the turn has happened and her inner vamp is taking hold.

Dracula 110-1“Oh, I hope Vampire!Lucy is in the majority of this episode, ” I thought naively.

Mina finds Harker, and they have a really awkward post-breakup conversation. She tries to return a necklace he gave her, but he can’t accept it. Harker asks her to swear that she doesn’t love Grayson, but she can’t bring herself to say it. In a last-ditch attempt to make small-talk, he sadly asks if she’s going to Grayson’s demonstration of his wireless electricity and she quietly says she is.

Dracula 110-2American Girl Doll Samantha’s cousin Mina?

Meanwhile, Lady Jayne, in epic pants, leads a Seer into a group of huntsman. By the way, I have to say, I absolutely love how Lady Jayne, a relatively young, attractive female, has total command of this entire room of old men. Anyway, the Seer has the Blood of Christ to help them narrow in on Dracula’s location.

Dracula 110-3Even though they could have just looked between her legs. 

Harker finds Grayson and asks for advice on how to get away with murder. Grayson tells him to pull himself together and go about his business as usual. Harker squeaks and flails and isn’t sure if he can do it, but Grayson tells him that he has no choice.

So while Grayson is preparing for his demonstration, the huntsmen have begun their hunt. Much like the Hunger Games, a shot goes up every time a vampire is slain. They celebrate over the death of the first two, so I have a feeling they have no idea quite how big this infestation has grown.

Harker is giving some men a tour of the wireless electricity plant (warehouse?) and Grayson pulls him aside like, “Why are you acting so squirrely, Harker you only killed a man, GOSH. If Emily Fields can still behave like a relatively normal human, you can too.”

Speaking of the Pretty Little Liars, while all this is going on, Van Helsing is in his lab, smashing bottles and vials like a Marin smashing plates. Renfield walks him and recognizes the multi-colored fluids as parts of the process that helped Dracula walk in the sun. Van Helsing, now totally of the rails, stabs Renfield and sends the ransom note (along with a child’s finger?!) to the Brownings for their children.

Harker finds out from one of Grayson’s employees that he should maybe GTFO because the “demonstration” is rigged to explode. It’s with a horror-stricken face that Harker realizes that half the town will be crammed in the town square for this demonstration–Mina included. It’s like how in Fievel Goes West, the mice all gather in the town square on a platform that actually ends up being a giant mouse trap. (Don’t look at me like that, it’s an accurate, albeit antiquated, comparison.)

Browning brings the demanded ransom to Van Helsing, who drops him through a trapdoor into the basement, throwing the money down there with him, presumably just to prove to Browning that he had other plans for him? I don’t know, I would have kept the money anyway. Browning yells up demanding to know where his children were, but Van Helsing assures him the kids are down there, too.

Sure enough, they are. But they’re baby vampires.

Dracula 110-4

Van Helsing allows them just enough time to eat their father before setting the whole house on fire. Probably would have been nicer of him to smash their heads in with a hammer when he had the chance. (OR LEAVE THE BABIES OUT OF IT?!)

Lady Jayne gets some more information from the Seer, and now must face the undeniable fact that Grayson is Dracula. She runs off to the docks to find him, but not before getting some sort of holy blade from the Seer (who should have kept his rock star shades on, if you ask me).

Harker runs to try to warn Mina that the demonstration will actually be a massacre, and she immediately asks him what he’s done, assuming he was involved. With no time to explain, he tries to drag her away, but he’s punched in the face by someone who didn’t appreciate all his shoving. Mina takes the opportunity to run to Grayson to warn him. They work together to try to stop it, but nothing is working the way it’s supposed to. Even the giant red button isn’t putting a halt to the magic lights.

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