Linda Hamilton returns and Tamsin gets frisky in the new promo for “Lost Girl”


With only three episodes left this season on Lost Girl, there are so many questions yet to answer. Whose hand is that grabbing for the

Demon Origin Seed? What is Rainer’s endgame, really? Is there such thing as an anti-Viagra to make BoNer go away?


Thanks to a new preview and promo images from next week’s episode, we do know a few new things. And we also have to come up with a whole new Ship to name. See for yourself.

Three things: 1) Tamsin is back! 2) Acacia is back! 3) OMG TAMSIN IS KISSING DYSON! Also, I call it here and now, their ship name is Damsin.

So, everything is normal. No reason to freak out. It’s just another day in Lost Girl: The Crackship Season. Back to the plot (you know, that old thing), looks like everyone and their zombie brother-in-law wants to find the origin seed. Bo succusucks Kenzi. Hale proposes to Kenzi.

Oh, and there is the little business of Tamsin planting a wet one on Dyson for whatever reason. I checked and doublechecked (and lightened and enhanced the screencap). That’s our Valkyrie and those are her lips.


Though, interestingly, it looks more like Acacia’s jacket. Speaking of Acacia, how great is it to have Linda Hamilton back? So great. And it looks like she has both of her hands back. Did she go see Dr. Hotpants and have it sewn back on, too?


The official synopsis for the episode, titled “End of a Line” reads as such: Bo narrowly escapes a vengeful Fae’s attack; a visit surprises Kenzi; Bo questions feelings for someone she loves.

Here are a few more promo images from Showcase.





Thought one: The budget for leather jackets on this show must be ridonkulous. Thoght two: Does that last guy look like Spike from Buffy’s zombiefied doppelganger or what?

While Showcase viewers have a few episodes left, Syfy viewers have just started the season in the U.S. (Be sure to check out the Lost Girl Rewind Mini-Caps each Tuesday. Read the 4.01 here and 4.02 here.) Syfy moved the show to 8 p.m. for the start of the season, but yesterday announced a switch to 10 p.m. I have to say, a later time slot makes a little more sense given that the show’s often PG-13 and above content. But I hope it isn’t a signal of a lack of confidence in the series from Syfy by pushing it off the night’s starting block. The series swaps places with Bitten, the new Syfy offering about werewolves. But don’t worry, no matter where the show lands we’ll keep live-tweeting the Syfy broadcasts using the hashtag #faebians.

Right, so thoughts on Acacia’s return? Concerns about the Syfy switch? And, really, what the holy hell is that Damsin kiss all about?

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