“Chicago Fire” (2.13) recap: “Ladies Night”


Previously on Chicago Fire, Casey can’t remember his locker combination or huge chunks of time, Shay saved Molly’s, Mills made Squad so he and Clarke can do take your boyfriend to work days properly. Boden had a date with a pretty lady. Otis finally worked up the courage to ask Severide for his permission to date Katie (the girl he’s been making out with over boardgames for a while now).

Casey is staring at himself in the mirror. Dude, it’s OK that Dawson’s prettier than you. You have other lovely traits, like Hulk rage and lying. Severide pops in for a piss and a chat. He asks Casey how the old noggin is doing and Casey lies like the lying liar that he is and says he feels wonderful.

Katie is waiting outside Severide’s office to tell him that she has an opportunity to go to New York to help her boss set up a new restaurant. Severide is happy for her and tells her it’s a great opportunity. She’s worried that leaving is a bad idea since she and Severide are working on how to be brother and sister and Otis is so good at wizard chess. Nope, New York is the right answer.

I’d like to report a crime in progress. Gabriela Dawson is wearing a sweat suit and it’s a tragedy. She chats with Mills, Capp, and Tony who are playing poker and complaining about the shift being slow. Oh good grief, you all are doomed. Cruz is cooking something nasty. Dawson takes a bite and spits it out in Otis’s Lucky Charms. Herrmann says now is the time to make improvements to Molly’s and each of the three knuckleheads has an idea of how to do it. They ask Shay, their new partner, what she thinks. Before she can tell them the alarm goes and they are off.

CF 2131

Dawson rides along because she just can’t get enough of Shay in the back of the ambulance. The call is a car that hit a little girl before crashing into a telephone pole. A guy says the driver is Jimmy Boylan and he’s drunk as a skunk. The light pole comes crashing down and takes the power to half the city with it. Dawson tells Rafferty what to do with the drunk driver and Shay and Rafferty both give Dawson a look. It’s the sweats Gaby, you lose all credibility in the sweats. Well, the sweats and being bossy and overstepping the boundaries of a ride along.

CF 2132

With the power out and temps in the single digits the Chief invites everyone back to 51 to stay warm. But back at 51 the furnace doesn’t seem to be working right so Casey and Severide head down to the basement to check it out. Casey is having some word retrieval issues. He can’t remember where he put his tool box or what that doohickey thingamabob is called that you use to fix things. Severide says he should talk to Dawson and Casey says, “Dawson? Is that the name of this tool?” Oh good grief. Get your head checked Casey!

Dawson and Mills help an adorable older couple find a spot to relax inside. They are so darn cute you just know someone is going to die. Dawson bitches about Rafferty to Mills and he’s like, I know you’re jealous that Shay has a new lady friend but your jealousy (like your sweats) is absurd and unattractive. Mills spots two shady dudes being shady and tells them to take their murderous scheming elsewhere, perhaps into the common room where there are more potential victims.

Cruz is in the deep weeds. The Chief invited about a hundred guests over when it was supposed to be an intimate dinner party. Thankfully Katie shows up with two grocery bags full of potato chips? Otis is mostly thrilled that she read his text (surely written in elvish). Cruz forgot to go to the store but luckily the other shifts have plenty of food socked away. Katie tells Otis they need to talk before he beetles off to find some bolt cutters.

Rafferty and Shay are repacking the rig when the Chief walks up with a cup of coffee for each of them. Boden you big softie. He asks how the little girl is doing and in the HIPAA free land of Firehouse 51, they say she coded twice on the way to the hospital and probably won’t make it but that the drunk driver is going to be fine.

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