“Dracula recap” (1.09): Love bites


Previously on Dracula, Lucy confessed her love for Mina, Mina freaked out, Lucy freaked out, and Lady Jayne convinced Lucy to sleep with Mina’s fiance as revenge. Also, Mina almost got acid poured on her beautiful face.

This week, Lady Jayne is practically hyperventilating with excitement, planning her mass vampire slaying adventures, but is taken down from her high when Browning tells her that his children were abducted.

Dracula 109-1

She asks, “What motive does Grayson have?” as though she hasn’t been doing absurd things without obvious motive for weeks.

Browning is still convinced Grayson is Dracula, but Lady Jayne points out that they’ve seen him out in the sunlight (and also is in denial because she’s sleeping with Grayson). She then tells Browning to man up and that his children aren’t more important than fighting vampires. Such a gentle soul, that woman.

Cut to Harker getting dressed, leaving a sleeping Lucy behind.

Dracula 109-2You poor angel.

She awakens just before he departs, but he just glares at her and leaves, his eyes heavy and red. Lucy’s mother sees Jonathan leaving and asks Lucy what she’s done, but Lucy shuts herself in her room.

Lucy, desolately brushing her hair, starts crying when her mother comes in and mentions her ex-faux boyfriend Alistair and tells her that he’s worried.

Dracula 109-3That is a Quinn Fabray sadface if I ever saw one.

Lucy asks her mother why she never told her that it was perfectly natural for a woman to fall in love with another woman, for her to be in love with Mina. When her mother recoils and gets a similar horrified look on her face that Mina had gotten when Lucy confessed her feelings, it suddenly dawns on Lucy that Lady Jayne had been playing her all along.

Harker, having been assured that Davenport’s attack on Mina was unsanctioned, is welcomed to the Order of the Dragon. So he’ll now be another one of Grayson’s cohorts actively seeking Dracula while he’s right under their noses.

Across town, Grayson visits his sleeping beauty in the hospital and brings her a rose, which isn’t the first he has given her.

Dracula 109-4Watch out for thorns, Mina. 

Mina remembers Grayson was the one who stopped the men who attacking her (men he just fed to his vampire friends).

Lady Jayne leads the way to the billiard room full of dead men and describes it as a declaration of war. She tells the inspector that this must be reported as a boating accident gone wrong, and is only mildly concerned (she still has that hint of excitement in her voice) that the vampires weren’t even a little bit discreet about this particular mass murder..

Now it’s Lucy’s turn to visit Mina in the hospital, and she brings her flowers. In a heartbreaking turn of events, Mina smiles and giggles with Lucy, just like old times.

Dracula 109-5See, you guys can still be friends! No harm, no…oh, wait.

Lucy apologizes, and starts to say that she can’t believe there would be people who would deliberately hurt Mina, but stops herself because she realizes that’s exactly what she’s done. She tells Mina that she must call off her engagement with Jonathan, but when she refuses to give a reason, Mina demands she tells her what she knows.

Mina reads the betrayal in Lucy’s eyes before she has to say the words, reacting even more negatively than when Lucy had confessed her love.

This revelation causes Mina to leave the hospital, surely before the doctor approved her discharge. She goes to Jonathan to confront him about not visit her in hospital, and (more importantly) for sleeping with Lucy.

He tries to blame Lucy, but Mina pulls away and demands to know why. He tells her it’s because she loves Grayson. She storms out in a huff, stumbling through the street, a little too concussed to be out and about. She sees a reflection of her past life in a puddle and promptly passes out, narrowly missing getting trampled by a carriage.

Grayson goes to visit her when she’s returned to the hospital, and they chat about their feelings for each other. Grayson says she reminds him of someone from his past that he used to love, and Mina says she’s dreamt about that same girl. Mina asks Grayson if she loves her, and he refuses to answer, saying he has debts to pay, and plus she has Harker. Mina says she and Jonathan are through. Grayson asks why, and she admits it was because Jonathan slept with Lucy, and Grayson growls her name and storms out, and I suddenly fear for Lucy’s life.

Lucy–poor, sad, regretful Lucy–is taking a bath, looking at her hands to see if she looks as different as she feels.

Dracula 109-6No amount of soap can wash away guilt, darling.

Grayson busts into the room, seizes Lucy by the throat, and says, “If you insist on behaving like a monster, I’m going to make you one.” And so he does.

Dracula 109-7

I have mixed feelings about this. Vampires are sexy, but they’re also kind of dead.

What did you think of “Four Roses”? Do you think Lucy will feel more freedom to be into ladies once she’s a killing machine? Is anyone else hoping Lady Jayne is the first person she goes after?

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