“Lost Girl” Recap (4.09): Nothing to crow about


All of a sudden Tam-Tam’s name appears in blood, and her eyes go black and the scene goes sepia tone. Flashback! It’s the Blood King and Tamsin, back in time. She’s trying to take a soul from the field of battle and he is telling her to leave him so it will be damned to wander for eternity. In exchange he’ll give her another chance at her life to wipe the slate clean and fix her mistakes.


The body in question, of course, is Rainer. He defied the Blood King and took arms against his will, which really ticked Trick off. So he erased him from history. Yeah, so, note to self: Tip well at the Dal, or else.

On a rickety Death Train, Bo finally finds Mr. Fix It welding the walls. Bo demands to know if he’s The Wanderer. He takes off the welding mask to reveal a total hottie. He’s like a well-groomed extra from Game of Thrones. Bo goes after him anyway, but he hand hickeys her instead. In fact they hand hickey each other. Is this some sort of mutual succubus glowy handjob thing? Yes, I meant it just like that.


Tamsin wakes up from her mini-coma to scream, “Don’t trust Trick!” At the same time he runs into the bar and tells Lauren and Dyson they have to arm up and get Bo back from his mortal enemy. Of course, just then Bo herself walks in. And she’s, well, giddy. She found out it was her idea to be Dark so she’d go back on the train willingly and free Rainer from his curse. Cool story, but what?

See, he’s not her enemy. And he’s not her father. He’s her destiny. Her hold hands and moon over each other destiny.


Good thing Lauren, Dyson and Trick are already in a bar. Because, man, do they ever need a stiff drink.


Right, so I did not see the dream boyfriend thing coming. I don’t know what shape to call whatever the tangled love connection that is happening right now. But I do know Bo and Rainer’s shipper name is absolutely perfect. BoNer. Yep, about right.


Tell me more of this magical box.

“Like make a wish magical box or just like have a late period magical box?”


Bo always knows the perfect height to unzip her jackets.


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