“Lost Girl” Recap (4.09): Nothing to crow about


Still they rise above it and decide to snoop around for answers in lieu of taking a dump in his bed for revenge. Girls, girls–plenty of time for both. So they start looking through Tricks stockade of old books and even older books until they find one particularly old–and empty–book. Kenzi recognizes it as the one Trick used to rewrite history with his own blood. So now if only they had some of his blood. We all know this is going to end badly, right?


The puff of black smoke brings Bo and Hugin to a sacred Fae burial ground. There she meets a literal murder of crows, who have all clearly spent way too much time shopping in the “Goth” aisle at Hot Topic. There’s a disingenuous chase where everyone makes sure not to step on the graves lest they get dragged down to hell and meet the Leviathan. And you thought step on a crack, break your mother’s back was bad.

Meanwhile, across town, a grandfather is busy trying to crack into his own memories. Trick goes to see old flame Wai Lin (remember her from Season 2?), but finds her sister Doa Ming instead. Luckily, they both possess the power to compel the truth. Unluckily, Dao Ming hates Trick, and only agrees to help him uncover his blocked memory because he suspects he’s the one who blocked it in the first place.


p.s. You know, while I always appreciate diverse casting, I can do without the whole “Ancient Chinese Secret!” overtones complete with guzheng elevator music. We get it, she’s Asian.

Right, back to the crows. Hugin’s wife arrives on scene with incredible eyebrows and an even more incredible oral sex joke. Let’s see if they let that one air on Syfy at 8 p.m., shall we? But in the end it was all just a ruse. Because these crows share more than eyeliner. They also share the desire to slit Bo’s throat to get back at The Wanderer. Was all the elaborate subterfuge overkill? Of course! But you have to find a way to fill 43 minutes every week somehow, people.


Bo decides she’d rather keep her throat unslit, unlike her blouses. (High five! Don’t leave me hanging!) So she does a backward swan dive into one of the graves to say a howdoyado to the Leviathan. Hey, isn’t the Big L typically a sea creature in mythology? Or perhaps her character is a lesbian and this is all an elaborate fish joke. She does have scaly fish fingers. Ahem.

The Leviathan has been searching for Bo’s chest hand hickey for 600 years and wants it. Bo wants out. So of course they settle it with a game of riddles. What, no one believes in “Rock, Paper, Scissors” anymore?


Back in the Parlor of Orientalism, Trick is spilling the secrets of his wrathful past. He has wiped millions of souls from this Earth. But that’s OK, because he is the First Son of this Earth and should be worshipped. Wow, ego much?


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