“Chicago Fire” recap (2.12): “A big lesbian hug”


Jed rushes Shay as she’s leaving and starts yelling at her about dicking him around. She asks if he stole his brother’s pension and then he gets ugly and threatens her. Right on time, Clarke shows up and tell the guy to take a hike. Clarke proves again that he’s a lezbro through and through. Sharke for BroTP, folks.

CF 21211

Shay got the trucking company to deliver the wood for the boys’ clubhouse. Severide tells Casey that the only reason he made it through his injury/addiction to pain killers last season was because he talked to Dawson. Listen to the man, Casey. Talk to you girlfriend, otherwise I know about a billion ladies who would be happy to take your spot. Casey admits there are chunks of time just missing from both before and after the accident. Dude, if things are a blur get your head checked.

The Chief brings his giant tool…I mean tool box to see the nice lady about some squash. She invites him. She’s hot, she can cook, and she seems super nice. Go for it Wally! At Molly’s Herrmann and Dawson are drowning their sorrows and comparing notes on just how uncomfortable it was to have sex on the bar. Dawson’s loaded and asks Severide how she did on her exam, he tells her she got an 87 which is great until he says Jones McCheater got a 98. So much for cheaters never prosper.

CF 21212

Otis and Katie flirt over girly drinks and talk about going back to her place for a little over the sweater action and whatever the dude equivalent of second base is. Don’t ask me, I couldn’t BE any gayer. Mouch introduces Mills to the reporter who does work for the Sun Times but does their Horse and Hound section. Boden put him up to the prank and Mills couldn’t be happier. “Hey everyone, my fake work Dad pranked me! This round’s on me!”

Capp and Cruz bounce over prouder than a bunch of frat boys who just egged Tri-Delt. The nimrods poured cement down the toilets to screw over the bank (and anyone who wanted to pee for the rest of the night). Shay walks in and tells everyone the money is for them. She loves Dawson and she couldn’t bear to see her sad. They tell everyone to leave so they can have some bar top sex.

CF 21213

Out with a bang indeed.

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