“Chicago Fire” recap (2.12): “A big lesbian hug”


Back at 51, Casey is helping Dawson get over her fear of wearing the firefighter’s mask. She’s claustrophobic and he tells her to just wear the thing while she’s doing normal stuff like watching Orange is the New Black over at Shay’s (they’re both all about Pipex). she tells him that Jones is a big fat cheater and asks if she should tell Severide. He tells her absolutely not and to concentrate on being awesome. What ever happened to the honor code, man?

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Mills walks into the garage looking very smug until he sits down and his chair collapses under him. He snarls about the prank and the one with the reporter but Otis, Mouch, and Cruz play dumb about the reporter and Mills starts to freak. Little Severide walks in with food and Otis sprints to open the door for her. Otis tells Katie that he feels bad playing board games and making out with her without telling Severide. He says he’ll talk to Severide but it looks like he lost his appetite. Good luck buddy, hoping you don’t get murdered. He stride out to the garage and starts talking to Severide. Severide feigns confusion and fires up a gigantic chainsaw. Otis scurries away but returns and gets Severide’s blessing to date the sister Kelly has known for all of 20 minutes.

Inside Mills is panic-calling the reporter who, it turns out, actually does work for the Sun Times. Sadly, the reporter’s voicemail is full so Mills can’t leave a message. Oh it’s fun to watch Mills freak out. Shay tells Dawson that she talked to the lawyer and has figured out the best way to hand everything over to Jed. Herrmann wants to know, hypothetically, just how much of Molly’s the money would save. Shay thinks it’s about forty grand and Herrmann almost needs the Heimlich. The ambulance gets called out and Dawson hops up to join the call. Old habits die hard, especially for Shawson. Dawson settles for a pat on the arm from Shay and the consolations prize of staring at Shay’s ass as she walks out the door.

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The call is to a shopping mall where a lady has gotten her hair stuck in an escalator. It’s gross and it recalls Vera’s accident on Bomb Girls. Rafferty is impressed by Shay’s quick thinking, and Sixteen Candles-inspired hair cutting technique. They get the lady out and end up at the hospital where people seem to know Rafferty. The lady wants to thank Shay and it turns out she owns a trucking company, looks like Severide and Casey are going to get some help with their wood after all. Kendra, the doc who used to give Shay all the medical info HIPAA is supposed to protect, shows up and she and Shay have a big old lesbian hug. Rafferty scurries back to the rig and Shay’s spidey sense tingles. Turns out Rafferty had been a resident at the hospital until her fiance got Hodgkins disease and died. Rafferty makes a crack about Subarus when Shay gets in but Shay lets it go.

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Back at 51, the lady from the fire comes to thank Boden for getting the landlord to fix the heat and offers to warm him up with some butternut squash and sex. Boden doesn’t speak flirting so Mills has to interpret for him. Wally’s got a date!

Up in the locker room, Clarke come in to tell Shay that he found out that Jed has been taking Darryl’s Navy pension for a long time now. Herrmann and Otis take the opportunity to point out that they would be the perfect beneficiaries of all the money Shay doesn’t want. Shay slams her locker and tells them she doesn’t want the money. Dude, they are happy to help you not keep the money. Herrmann can make money disappear faster than a child actor’s parents.

Casey and Dawson are having a lovely dinner except for the fact that Casey is too busy staring at another guy. He gets into it with the guy over nothing. He pushes the guy over and then gets chucked from the restaurant. Dawson’s hungry, annoyed, and surely alarmed by Casey’s temper tantrum. Casey, next time stare at your incredibly beautiful girlfriend. The next morning he asks her to look for a new place with him and she tells him he needs to be honest with her. He says he’s just tired and getting back into the swing of things. Dude, don’t you watch Grey’s Anatomy?

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Later Dawson and Jones are in line to go into the smoke chamber. She’s nervous and Jones tells her it will be fine. They go in and it’s dark and smokey and Dawson gets stuck in a tight space. Her mask falls off and she starts to panic when she can’t find it. Jones helps her out and they make it through. Dawson thanks Jones who says it’s OK, she owed her one.

Mills is a little jumpy back at 51. He asks the Chief if he’s reading the Sunday paper, even though it’s Friday. He tries to tell Boden that he made an ass out of himself in the interview. Boden just gets up and tells Mills he’s going to go see that nice squash lady. Watching Mills freak out should be an Olympic event. It’s just too much fun.

Shay and Rafferty are doing some laundry. Rafferty is relieved her load is done so Shay’s rainbow pj’s and flannel shirt collection won’t infect her stuff with the gay. Shay takes the crack with a smile and tell Rafferty that if she ever needs anyone to talk to that she’s there. Rafferty gives her the Claire Danes patented chin quiver and a big old lesbian hug.

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Severide gives Casey his homework and part of me hopes he wrote the thing in crayon or in verse so Casey looks like an idiot. Otis walks in with Herrmann and reveals that they didn’t get an extension to pay the bank. The guys try to convince Herrmann that Molly’s was a great bar and should go out with a bang, one last epic party. They all get called to save a guy who fell down a smoke stack of a skyscraper. Mills goes down the pipe to get baby Jessica out. No pressure, only a 30 foot drop if the guy slips. Mills gets the guy and a pat on the back from Boden.

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