“The Good Wife” recap (5.12): Double Trouble


This week’s Good Wife was chock full of Florrick Agos v. Lockhart Gardner shenanigans, as once again they end up in the same courtroom together, only this time, they’re on the same side. Well, sort of. There’s a couple on trial for drug smuggling, and while LG used to represent both of them, when FA split off they took the dude of the couple with them, while the lady remains with LG. Therefore, they ask the court to proceed with two trials for each of them, even though all the witnesses and evidence are the same and it will basically be a pain in the ass. But the judge, this week played by Victor Garber, is like no, no, we’ll do it all at once, because efficiency! We’ll just have a double jury: one for LG’s client, and one for FA’s.


But as the trial starts and Will and Diane start arguing ceaselessly with Alicia and Cary, even though they’re both technically supposed to be on the defense, and as way too many people are crowded into a little courtroom, it’s clear that this is going to be anything but efficient. The juries also bitch about who gets the good seats and who gets the good jury room, which seems petty and stupid, but have you ever been on a jury? People be cranky.


Anyway, I think this whole situation is supposed to be entertaining, but it ends up just stressing me out. There are a few good things about it, though. First, we get to see Diane Lockhart actually arguing in court again instead of just cowering in the Lockhart Gardner offices, in full force with her gorgeous glasses and chunky necklaces. Second, the prosecution was once again led by the great Geneva Pine, and seeing her eventually just lay back to shake her head and watch the circus on the other side of the room was the one thing that really did entertain me.



There are, however, some interesting things going on with Kalinda. We don’t see anymore of Detective Jenna in this episode, unfortunately, but we do see Kalinda approaching Cary outside of the courtroom, apologizing for how things ended between them. Cary, somewhat understandably, is short with her, and when he asks if there’s anything else, Kalinda responds, “Yeah. You’re being a douche.” Have we ever seen Kalinda say douche before? I don’t know if we have, but man, it is delightful!


This interaction also happens shortly after Will had just told Kalinda to get any dirt she can on the Florrick Agos defendant, so when she first approaches Cary, it seems like an obvious Kalinda sweet talk to get information. But when Cary walks away, there’s an indistinguishable look on her face, something approaching regret, but not having anything to do with the law.

Cary and Kalinda are next seen at the bar. This, of course, brings back pangs for Alicia and Kalinda scenes at the bar—RIP, Alicia and Kalinda bar scenes—but alas, any scene with Kalinda at the bar is welcome. Cary keeps up his cool and indifferent ‘tude towards her, even after she buys him a drink and says that she misses him. And then the bartender spills drinks all over Cary and he walks away to clean himself up, leaving his phone on the counter. And when a message pops up from Robyn about the Paisley Group, one of LG’s big clients, Kalinda obviously can’t help but look at it. But she puts the phone down without opening the full message, which makes it seem like maybe this is a genuine bar visit, and not just part of a job for Lockhart Gardner. But then, because she’s Kalinda and she can’t help it, she picks it back up and reads.


Kalinda swipes Cary’s screen to enter his messages, and let’s also talk about how Cary only has FOUR app icons on his home screen. Dude, Cary. Even really boring people have more than four apps on their phone. Anyway, the full message says something about how someone in the Paisley Group was arrested for prostitution and LG still doesn’t know and it’s a chance for Florrick Agos to steal them away.

We later see Kalinda and Will making a personal visit to the Paisley Group to make sure they’re still cool. Paisley Group guy says that they’re cool, but Will and Kalinda still aren’t sure, so they bring up that prostitution charge, assuring him they can help him out with it. To which Paisley Group guy looks confused, and then angry. That woman who’s supposedly a prostitute? Is his granddaughter. Who’s in a wheelchair with Hodgkin’s.

Ohhhhhh, man. Cary has played you GOOD.


While Will is confused, Kalinda just smirks, a smirk that contains a little respect.

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