Tatiana Maslany snubbed, “American Hustle” dominates at the 2014 Golden Globe Awards


Let’s face it, last year’s Golden Globes were going to be a tough act to follow after Jodie Foster’s rambling, fascinating coming out speech. Luckily our hosts for this year’s awards were once again the dynamic duo of Amy Poehler and Tina Fey.

Far less stuffy and a hell of a lot more boozy than the Oscars and Emmy’s, the Golden Globes is the real kick off to the Hollywood award season. Half the fun of the Globes is watching the celebs interact and commiserate over their martinis. (I’m looking at you Emma Thompson!) Once again, Fey and Poehler knocked it out of the park with their fast paced banter and deliciously snarky zingers. For the most part, celebs on the receiving end took it all in stride, including Matt Damon whom Fey and Poehler teased was the equivalent of “a garbage man” in the presence of the other A-listers.  Possibly the biggest joke of the first half of the show was when Fey called out George Clooney’s resemblance to his character in Gravity.

“George Clooney would rather float off into space and die than spend time with a woman his own age.”  Boom goes the dynamite!

Poehler began the show in dark blue gown that fit her beautifully while Fey started the evening in a stunning ruby colored gown, with jeweled embellishments. Red of all shades was this year’s most popular color among the actresses in attendance.


The duo also scored in a planned bit with Julia Louis-Dreyfus, who pretended to shun her fellow television actors while hanging out with Reese Witherspoon, wearing dark shades and smoking an e-Cigarette.


For their second act, both women went with off the gorgeous off-the-shoulder gowns.

The only real issue with Fey and Poehler’s performance was that there wasn’t nearly enough of it.  After disappearing for a while, much to the chagrin of the audience, they came back in a big way with a great bit where Amy played “Randy” the teenage love child of Tina and a famous mystery man.  With hair like a One Direction band member, and sporting a tux, Amy was perfect as Randy, who wandered the audience searching for his long lost father. Earlier in the evening Melissa McCarthy mentioned she’d wanted to see some major wig work from the two hostesses, and she got her wish.


Near the end of the evening, Fey slipped in a hilarious dig at Best Actor in a Movie Picture Comedy or Musical winner, Leonardo DiCaprio, as he came to the stage to present an award.

“And now, like a supermodel’s vagina, let’s give a warm welcome to Leonardo DiCaprio.”

These funny ladies certainly have solidified their status as some of the best hosts in the business. If only they were given a bit more stage time. If the organizers of the show had made it slightly easier for those winning awards to actually make it to the stage, then perhaps we could have seen more of the Poehler Feytex. Seriously, they needed a shuttle bus to get some of those winners to the front. Here are some of their best moments.

On to the big winners of the evening.

In the television category, Jacqueline Bisset was a surprise winner for her supporting role in the BBC mini-series, Dancing on the Edge. The seemingly ageless beauty seemed beyond shocked at her win, and appeared to be overwhelmed at times during her rather awkward acceptance speech.  Apparently nobody plays Ms. Bisset off a stage until she’s damn good and ready.


Elizabeth Moss took home the Best Actress Award in a Mini-Series or TV Movie for her heart wrenching performance in Jane Campion’s mini-series Top of the Lake. The superb actress has been overlooked in year’s past for her work in Mad Men, so it was nice to see her recognized in such a big way. All this and she flipped off the E! Red Carpet Mani-cam. My kind of girl. She could have made it to the stage faster if she hadn’t actually been seated in New Zealand.


Robin Wright pulled off a win in the Best Actress in a Television Drama category, beating out new fan favorite, Orphan Black actress Tatiana Maslany and simultaneously sending Twitter into a frenzied rage. That haircut though. So lovely.

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