“Two and a Half Man” recap (11.12): Swinging


Back to Nicole’s, where Walden is helping do tech stuff. The heat is broken and Walden tries to fix it. Tech knowledge does not equal electric knowledge. Algorithms. Java Break. God I’m glad I don’t spend time with tech kids. Heavy flirtation.

Back to swingers party: Alan’s date Gwen is enthusiastic, Alan is nervous, Larry is excited, Lindsay is annoyed. Then Lindsay gets competitive, and Larry is like, “Isn’t this great I get to bang Gwen and you get to bang Lindsay?” Awkward because Jeff is actually Alan and Alan is actually already fucking Lindsay. Ugh. CBS, you love your shenanigans.


Back at Nicole’s place, Walden is still slaving away for lust. The sexual tension is palpable. Awkward Dale cock blocks. Walden has brilliant insight into code repair, and Nicole is charmed. Computer mind reading software works. Computer mind reading software embarrasses Walden. Walden and Nicole bang to while wearing mind reading software hats. This is the future.


Back to swingers party: Larry gets with Gwen, Alan makes the moves on Lindsay. Alas, Lindsay has other plans: Jeff Probst shows up and Lindsay goes off to bang him. Aka the real Jeff. Lindsay said she would bang Jeff, and everyone thought she meant Alan/Jeff, but actually Lindsay meant Jeff Probst. HILARIOUS HIJINKS.

Hopefully we’ll have more of Jenny and Brooke next week, and less of naked Jeff Probst.

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