“Super Fun Night” recap (1.10 & 1.11): “Li’l Big Kim” and “Dinner Party”


In the second episode, “Dinner Party,” Kimmie decides to update her vision board by taking her dream of marrying Richard off of it entirely. She said she supports his relationship with Kendall and promptly rips the collage she made of their wedding day in half.

So when she happens upon James, Richard’s friend who she had one great date with, on the street, she makes up a dinner party to invite him to without making it seem like a one-on-one situation. He accepts, which means Kimmie has to now figure out how the hell to put together a dinner party in one day’s time. She enlists her nerdy neighbors as well as her roommates when catering is deemed too expensive. She’ll have to do the cooking herself, which is made more intimidating by the fact that  James is a chef.

Kimmie is so busy thinking about the party that she ignores Richard at work. Richie is complaining that Kendall is dragging him out to another black tie fundraiser when he’d rather just stay home like other couples do sometimes. Trouble in paradise foreshadowing!

The night of the party, everything is a disaster, which everyone likely expected. Kimmie’s sister and husband show up and instantly start grinding. Kimmie demands that they stop because this party is going to be all class. James shows up just in time for Kimmie to be ground upon by them both. Success!


Dinner is a green foam failure but James goes into the kitchen to help, which means sexy close time with Kimmie. (Chopping celery together is the new teaching you how to golf.) They have a moment and things are finally going well with the real food care of James when Richard shows up. He broke up with shallow Kendall at the fundraiser because he is not having fun anymore. (“I don’t want to be this kind of couple!”) Kendall is right behind Richard, though, and is pissed that he went straight to Kimmie’s. Kendall calls Kimmie out for being an unwanted part of their relationship, citing the time she “desperately threw herself at him,” embarrassing her fully in front of James and her friends. This solidifies her position as the fucking worst.


Richard and Kendall leave, and James is close behind. He didn’t want to date Kimmie in the first place, based on her thing for Richard. She assured him it was over, but clearly the drama surrounds her. At the elevator, Richard tells James there’s nothing going on and he needs to give Kimmie a shot. So he does. (Good boy. Go home, Richard.)

But before James comes back, Kimmie’s sister helpfully announces, “Now Kimmie will never lose her virginity!” If James hadn’t come back, this would have been a devastating failure of a night. Instead, it ended on a happy note.

It’s worth noting that Helen-Alice had a connection with the nerdy neighbor who does magic and, like me, enjoys food without gluten or soy. Marika did not get put with a dinner date, instead “helping” in the kitchen despite alerting her friends to her current schooling to become a butcher online.

Super Fun Night won the People’s Choice Award for Favorite New Comedy of 2013, which indicates people are watching and liking it for the most part! I am still finding it hit or miss, with hopes that Marika will become more-developed. I know Rebel Wilson is the star of the show, but I find her supporting characters outside of Kendall and Richard underused. Kendall can GTFO as far as I’m concerned. I’d rather see Kimmie share screentime with Marika, Helen-Alice or her sister.

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