“Chicago Fire” recap (2.11): “Crapping rainbows”


Casey stops Mills in the garage and Mills is all “I know, I know, you’re with Dawson now.” Casey says, no I hear you did a great job while I was out with my head split open. A van of candidates rolls up and the house cheers when Dawson steps out. Severide tells the candidates to check out the firehouse. Dawson asks Severide if she can duck into the meeting Otis and Herrmann are having about the bar and he says “nope, not on my time, candidate.”  The braintrust is in the middle of learning that the bank owns Molly’s. Maybe next time get a lawyer to help you when you buy a place, numbnuts.

At the precinct, Clarke hands Jay a receipt from the diner he was in when Hayes was killed. He tells Jay that he wouldn’t have made it home from Iraq without Lisa and he had to try to protect her. Back at the house Boden get some good news but everyone is called out before he can announce it. The candidates zip back to the van and Jones asks Severide if she can ride along with Squad. I think she’s more interested in riding Severide but whatever, he says sure, hop in.  She takes the opportunity to throw another candidate under the bus.  She’s a real team player, this one.

The call is to a diamond exchange. The lady who opens the door tells Casey and Severide it’s a false alarm. Something’s not right and when they check it out they find that there is a fire in the wall from two dudes trying to break into the safe. They grab the lady and hold her hostage. The fire starts spreading through the wall. Casey and Severide try to warn the guys that they need to get out before they succumb to the smoke. Two of the bad guys bolt and Severide hurries the people out leaving Mouch, Casey and the lady being held hostage by the last bad guy. Casey screams at the bad guy who raises the gun at Casey they fight. Mouch hurries the lady out while Casey beats the crap out of the last bad guy. Mouch pulls him off and Casey starts to fight with him until he realizes it’s Mouch. Yeah, about that “cleared for duty” thing.

Severide calls Jones over and tells her that he agrees that you have to be able to trust the people on your team. She smiles and then he cuts her from the academy.  Like Hitch, she pictured that going differently in her mind.

CF 21110

Back at the house, Shay spots a lawyerly type and tells Rafferty she just can’t deal with him. Rafferty gives her a look and Shay says, “Forget it, helping a lesbian is basically like french kissing one.” Rafferty says, how about we find out and plants one on Shay. OK, no. Shay hides and Rafferty tells the lawyer Shay went home early because her dog had the runs. Shay hops back in the ambulance and tells Rafferty that she could kiss her. Rafferty tells her that if she wants to bust her balls she better watch out because he wrote the book on it.  Then they engage in the second dorkiest flirting of the night as they argue about whose book is bigger.  Next why don’t you see who can tie a cherry stem in her mouth faster? Or better skip all this nonsense and just make out already.

CF 21111

Boden calls to Casey and says he heard about how the hostage situation went down. Casey tries to keep his “oh shit!” face to a minimum but the Chief just wants to congratulate him for a job well done. Boden makes the announcement that Mills has been awarded a spot on Squad thanks to Casey’s commendation.  Mills smiles at Casey and Casey gives him a “I stole your girl, it’s the least I can do” look.  How sweet, now Mills and Clarke can ride together!

Meanwhile Academy Chief is telling Severide to make it work with Jones because her dad is a big wig in the fire department. Severide bristles but he’s out of luck. At Sevride’s apartment his little sister is having the nerdiest date ever with Otis. They are playing a board game and making out like a couple of high schoolers.  When Severide walks in they jump apart, hide their beer under the couch, and turn on the TV. Severide asks if they want to come to Molly’s to celebrate Mills making squad but they make up some absurd excuse to go off together, like a couple of fifteen year olds.

At Molly’s they are drinking to Mills and Mouch is trying to get everyone to call him Randy because Mouch is a stupid name for an interim president of the union. Clarke walks in and Mills runs over and they start making out. OK, fine.  They just stare at each other. Clarke tells Mills he needs to be around “family.” Guys, we know you two are family, just come out already.

OK, what did you think of this week’s episode?  How do you like Rafferty?

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