“Chicago Fire” recap (2.11): “Crapping rainbows”


Previously on Chicago Fire, the neighborhood clapped loudly enough to save Firehouse 51. Dawson got accepted to the fire academy. Casey dared question Dawson’s decision to become a firefighter and was struck down by the gods. Clarke got himself arrested for killing his wife’s boyfriend and sang a few bars of “He had it coming” on his perp walk.

You were all very worried that Casey wasn’t going to pull through after his knock to the head weren’t you? You lost sleep over it, you cried over it, you tweeted along with the #SaveCasey hashtag to share your fears with others, right? Fret no more because we open this episode with Casey waking up in his bed.  He looks over and sees a very blurry Dawson. Hold the phone, this is a tragedy. Dawson must be appreciated through crystal clear vision. She is channeling her inner Spencer Hastings.  She’s been for a run, made coffee, checked seventeen online forums, and is now refolding Casey’s T-shirts. He calls her out for being nervous about her first day at the academy. He’s excited that he’s been cleared to go back to work and shows it by faking a fall out of bed. She catches him and then yells at him for being a turkey.  They decide that she’ll come by the house and they will tell everyone they are dating now, but she calls dibs on telling Mills because what’s more fun that kicking the big puppy?

Severide is meeting with the Chief of the fire academy. The Chief hands him a binder and tells him to teach the class and cut anyone who can’t hack it. Severide’s eyes light up at the power to chuck students. Before he goes the chief asks Severide about someone at 51 being mixed up in a murder case? Severide says everyone is trying to understand Mr. Simmering Rage could have possibly done anything like that.

Clarke is getting fitted with his Neal Caffrey model ankle bracelet. Smarmy Jay is back and telling Clarke he has to wear the thing until his trial is over and then tries to get Clarke to make a statement. Clarke watches Law and Order and tells Jay he’ll have to talk to his lawyer. Jay flounces off in a huff.

CD 21101

At 51, Herrmann is shouting about how he totally called Dawson and Casey getting together. Except he called it at home, to his wife, and no one believes him. Everyone is thrilled, though I think a couple people were handing over cash because they bet on Shawson. Dawson tells Severide she’s in his class and not to give her special treatment. He laughs and says, “As if?” I bet Shay would be more than happy to give you special treatment, if you know what I mean. Dawson scurries off to tell Mills about her new man and Mills is sweet. He just wants her to be happy, most of all he wanted to be the cause of happiness in her. Oh Hec, she’s found her Luce, time to get out of the way (by Luce I, of course, mean Shay).

Casey can’t remember the combination to his locker. Hmm, just how good were the doctors who cleared him for duty? Everyone is gathering so Boden can make a speech. Shay is in some sort of boxing match in the back of the room when Boden walks in. He says Clarke is out on bond and is innocent until proven guilty. Mills tells everyone that Clarke told them while they were cuddling in bed that he won’t be coming by because it might make people uncomfortable. Milke forever!  Boden welcomes the new PIC taking Dawson’s spot. Rafferty has a wide stance and talks from her jaw like a regular Jane Rizzoli. She starts to introduce herself but everyone gets called out before we get past “Hi, I had to leave my old partner, Maura, in Boston.”  Shay, ever the eager beaver, jumps up and introduces herself to Rafferty who gives an icy “yeah, heard a lot about you,” and walks away.

CF 21102

The call is to a construction site.  A driver has nearly Phineas Gaged himself.  He’s got a piece of rebar through his neck.  Shay and Rafferty assess the guy and Shay tells everyone the bar didn’t go through the guy’s carotid but they better be careful getting it out or it might kill him.  Casey keeps the guy calm while Severide uses his torch to cut the bar.

Mills, Mouch, and Herrmann walk in to 51 and Boden’s assistant hands Mouch a bunch of messages. Mils tells Mouch he’s an idiot for trying to hijack the Chief’s secretary but Mouch says it’s all union business. Otis hops out to talk to Herrmann about a notice they got about owing money on the bar. Hermann tells him the notice is totally fake but Otis actually read the letter and says it’s real.  Oh Molly’s you are a sinkhole for money and dreams.

Casey gives his locker another try but still can’t remember the combination and his vision goes blurry. Instead of taking a deep breath and calling a doctor he punches the locker because that is both mature and helpful. In the common room, Raffety is telling Cruz about how she ended up in Chicago. When Shay sits down and joins in Rafferty gets snotty and leaves to get more food.  Shay, you clearly ignite feelings in others that they, themselves, don’t understand.

CF 21103

Dawson pulls up to the fire academy full of nerves and excitement. She notices another woman in line to get uniforms. Maybe they’ll be friends! Maybe they’ll take on the world together! Maybe they’ll be the new Shawson! Maybe it’s just like high school with cliques and mean girls (but without the hilarious Tina Fey script).

CF 21104

Shay and Rafferty have been called to a seedy hotel by a woman whose friend was getting plastic surgery but was abandoned by the “doctor.” Yikes. The “doctor” was using a caulking gun as a tool. Just a quick PSA, if your doctor asks for $1500 in cash and tells you to meet at a hotel for surgery, you might want to go ahead and run.

Back at 51, Shay is trying to chat with Rafferty about the call and Rafferty barely responds. Shay asks if she and Rafferty have worked together before or if she stole Rafferty’s seat or something. Rafferty says no and Shay asks then why are you freezing me out? Rafferty says “It’s because I find your eyes hypnotic and I am not exactly sure what to do with all these feelings except channel them into my Rizzoli and Isles fanfic.” OK, what she actually says is that she had a partner who used to talk dirty to her girlfriend over the phone and Rafferty respects Shay’s “lifestyle choice” she just doesn’t want it shoved in her face.  Mmm hmm. Maybe not in your face but I am guessing you wouldn’t say no to Shay giving you a nice Devon-style shove against the wall.

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