“Generation Cryo” recap (1.6): One Last Trip


Last week, it seemed like we had come to the end of Breeanna’s journey to discover her sperm donor on Generation Cryo, or at least as far as we would get to see. But MTV actually snuck in one more episode last week that I completely missed at first. And so I apologize for the delay, Generation Cryo fans, but here’s your recap for the sixth episode, the actual end of this half-sibling-tastic season.

It begins where we left off last time, with Bree’s mind being boggled by receiving an actual email from her donor. She stumbles to her kitchen, and asks Mama Sherry to come inside and talk for a minute. And I’m glad Episode 5 wasn’t actually the last episode, because there are still so many hugfests to be had!


When Bree shares the news of the donor’s contact with her, she and her mom shuffle around the kitchen in a dance of hugs. Sherry says that she’s sure everything with the donor is going to be great because Bree is great. Aw, Mama Sherry, YOU’RE great!


We also learn that there’s one more half-sib who wants to meet. Maddi is a seemingly mysterious half-sib who’s only met Jonah and Hilit a long time ago. But Jonah has been talking to her recently about everything that Bree is doing, and she’s been inspired to come out of her shell. So Bree prepares for one last trip. She meets Jonah in Los Angeles, and they head out to meet Maddi at some type of very Los Angeles-y juice bar.

When they arrive, all we see at first is a blob of shiny brown hair rushing to meet Bree’s face. More hugging commences, and this time, immediate tears. Bree, who after Tahoe is feeling like she’s just brought emotion explosions crashing down over all these people, apologizes, but Maddi says, “No, this is me, this is me.” I like Maddi already.


When they finally disentangle and we see her face, Maddi and Bree immediately see likenesses between themselves. They sit down to chat. While most of the other half-sibs have been along for this whole ride with Bree, Maddi gets an overwhelming blast of news all at once. “Hi, I’m a new half-sib, and by the way, we found out who the donor is and oh, he emailed me just the other day.” Maddi understandably goes through a series of “no-shit” faces.



We then get to hear a little of Maddi’s own backstory. Her mom had her by herself, until she met Maddi’s dad when Maddi was two years old. He’s helped raise her ever since. She’s been out of the loop from the rest of the family because for the last few years, from around the ages of 15 to 18, she got in with the wrong crowd of folks, and became addicted to drugs and alcohol. But she’d recently gotten out of rehab, and is getting her life back on track.

This is a lot of information to dispense to someone you just met, especially when there are cameras rolling. To which I say, you go, Maddi. Jonah brings up that this is one of the things he’d like to know about the donor, to see if there’s any histories of addiction, or other ailments. Maddi and Bree nod. To all those who don’t understand why someone would want to seek out their donor, here’s another piece. Genetics doesn’t solve everything and it certainly doesn’t mean everything, but sometimes it can tell important parts of the puzzle of your life.

Jonah and Bree then have dinner at Maddi’s house with her parents, who seem, as all of the families have, wonderfully open and welcoming. Her mom finds all of Bree’s information fascinating, and they all have a laugh over his picture. His picture is apparently hilarious, as this is how everyone’s reacted. But I guess when you see a picture of someone who you never thought you’d actually see a picture of, laughter is your first choice.


The next day, a mini-reunion of the half-sibs for Maddi’s introduction continues, as the twins Jesse and Jayme as well as Jesse Bogdan meet them all for lunch. Everyone talks about how as soon as you actually see each other, the idea of meeting isn’t scary anymore. They comment on how pretty Maddi is, how similar she and Bree are, and how much Jesse Bogdan looks like the donor. Jesse Bogdan continues to deny this, but he seems slightly less uptight about it this time. He even shocks them all by telling them that he’s sent a letter through the cryo bank to the donor himself.

Bree makes sure she gets to talk to Jesse Bogdan one-on-one later that day, starting a trend for this final episode of deliberate bonding time for Bree with each separate set of siblings. Bree feels that Jesse has felt the most uncomfortable about being a cryo kid on this journey, and she wants to make sure everything’s okay with him. Since this series began, he has started college, and he describes to Bree very well the completely disorienting yet exciting sensations of your first semester at college: suddenly, you are in charge of, like, everything. You have to make all of the decisions about how your day unfolds, about how your life unfolds. And it was in this space of independence that he started to change his mind and think that maybe contact with the sperm donor wouldn’t be so bad. And some of this stigma that he had forced on himself, of being different, of being weird, the sperm donor kid, has subsided. I wish Jesse Bogdan was MY half-sib. I would ruffle his hair every day.


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