Watch now! Sneak peek of “The Fosters” winter premiere


One of my favorite episodes of The West Wing revolves around the problem of just how they are going to get Jed Bartlet back on track. What they come up with was a plan to “Let Bartlet be Bartlet.”  In this clip from the winter premiere of The Fosters, it looks like the producers and writers have borrowed from Leo’s playbook because they realized that this excellent show can be even better when they let Judicorn be Judicorn.  So take a peek as Jude being his awesome, tiny self and putting Brandon in his place.

The winter premiere is less than a week away. I didn’t realize just how much I missed this show until I saw the premiere. Get your nails painted blue, gather your string cheese, and find yourself a hanky, because The Fosters are back and they are even better than before. Don’t forget to tweet along with us by using the #GaydyBunch tag.

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