Our favorite #ShaycagoFire tweets from “Not like this”


It was the midseason finale and there sure was a lot going on at firehouse 51. There was the big problem of Viola Swamp trying to shut the place down and scatter our heroes to the four corners of Chicago. Throw in the possibility that Clarke is a murderer, that Dawson might want to be a firefighter and mix in a badass Isabella, and a cliffhanger about whether Casey is going to die, and it was a full night on Chicago Fire. Here are a few of our favorite tweets from last night.


Shawson needed very little processing time #doingitwrong #ShaycagoFire

— iFlipForRizzles (@iFlipForRizzles) December 11, 2013

Shay: “Your shirt’s untucked.” Not that I was looking at your ass or anything… #ChicagoFire #ShaycagoFire — Holly Parker (@pshayholly) December 11, 2013

@LaurenGerman Shay didn’t even pretend she wasn’t looking at Dawson’s butt. Just pointed it right out. #ShaycagoFire — Jenny Rackham (@jenny_rackham) December 11, 2013

Yeah Dawson gonna look fine in those suspenders #shaycagofire — Meagan H (@NayaCutYoNails) December 11, 2013

McCloud’s even wearing Slytherin green. #ShaycagoFire — Morena (@Morenadeca) December 11, 2013

Pretty sure I just heard @mena13suvari say she was going to “nail you so hard” to McLeod. #ShaycagoFire — Jenny Rackham (@jenny_rackham) December 11, 2013

*whispers* what happened to Dawson wanting to go to pre-med school #ShaycagoFire #ChicagoFire — Even (@2Even) December 11, 2013

Will you marry me Shay ?! – Dawson #shaycagofire This is the announcement !!!

— Audrey Pamplemoussee (@pamplemoussee76) December 11, 2013

I wish Dawson had been announcing her acceptence into the Lesbian Academy. #shaycagofire

— Lapelosa (@Lapelosa) December 11, 2013

Casey didn’t like Hallie as a busy doc and now isn’t happy w/ Dawson. I’m sensing a pattern. Time for Shay to make a move! #ShaycagoFire — Patty McDermott (@pmcdee1) December 11, 2013

Shay you were so looking at her ass! Er, I mean, at her untucked shirt… #Shaycagofire — Laura Guevara (@SilverTotem94) December 11, 2013

I love the dumbfounded look Boden has. He’s like “I spent 10 weeks fighting this bitch and Mena Suvari does it in 5 minutes” #ShaycagoFire

— Lady Liberty (@CindyLMarshall) December 11, 2013

Nathan, you’re a boy of the 21st century, have you considered using the internet for your petition? #ChicagoFire #shaycagofire

— anh (@anh62950) December 11, 2013

Check back later for the last Chicago Fire recap of 2013.

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