“The Returned” recap (1.6): Pied Piper of Zombies


We return to The Returned (see what I did there?) one year in the past. Lucy arrives in town and her first stop is The Lake Pub to gain some employment. Definitely a better option than The American Diner. 1. There is booze and 2. There is no uniform required.

Jerome sits at the bar drinking shots of Triple Sec, which is just plain disgusting. As Toni offers Lucy a waitressing gig, Claire arrives to pick up her drunk husband. Sensing the discomfort, Toni tells Lucy how the couple lost their child and the town is a great place if you love tragedy. Awww, he should make that into a quaint postcard available for purchase at the pub. A nice little token to remember the saddest vacation ever. Later that night, Lucy returns with Jerome and they head to the back room in the pub. They drink to loosen their inhibitions and Jerome’s belt. During their foreplay-less sex, Lucy tells Jerome she sees Camille’s spirit. She wants him to know she loves her family and her death is not their fault. If this is how all clairvoyants operated, Long Island Medium would be a much more interesting show.


At the dam, one of the workers is getting ready to hightail it now that the power plant is officially flooded and the town has gone dark. He argues with his co-worker to cut his losses and leave as well since nothing can be done. Seems like a great attitude to have when you’re in charge of a town’s entire power grid, as well as a structure that holds back mass quantities of water.

Frederic and his buddy decide to do a little night time digging at the graveyard to check on Camille. They crack open the coffin to reveal a lot of water but no corpse. All the loud talking, flashlights and crowbar usage alerted security somehow and they are caught in the act.


Cut to Camille looking forlorn as usual. She is introduced to the support group as they meet in her living room and everyone justifiably freaks out a bit, especially Sandrine. She is pissed that her daughter did not come back as well and wants Camille to explain why she was chosen. After being berated, Camille runs upstairs. Great job, Sandrine, now she is doubly forlorn. Pierre decides to give Camille a truth smackdown. He tells her to stop her little pity party and use her situation to help people. I think she should write a self help book, maybe call it Undead Words of Wisdom. Next step, zombie book tour!


Simon arrives at the morgue and we are unfortunately treated to a gratuitously long shot of his twigs and berries. Thomas asks if he is dead and the medical examiner looks at him like he is a moron. He tells the doctor to notify him if the autopsy turns up anything odd and he is greeted by the same look. He then heads home to make sure Chloe has her story straight for her eventual police questioning. Meanwhile, we are once again treated to more than I ever wanted to see of Simon as he loaded into the freezer. I guess this morgue doesn’t have a sheet budget.


An enamored Alcide visits Lucy at the hospital. With just a touch of his hand she knows his name and that he had been watching over her. At the same time, Julie prepares a bath for Victor. She leaves and he pulls back his sleeve to reveal a rather gnarly wound that is akin to a Krokodil user. If he is starting to rot away then the others must be next.


At the police station when Thomas questions Frederic and his cohort, he learns that Simon isn’t the only one who got a second chance at life. The subject of their discussion, Camille, decides her purpose is to fabricate stories about her death to placate everyone. White light, figures of her dead bus mates…the usual. In an attempt to connect with Sandrine, she throws out that her daughter called out to her. The bitter look on Sandrine’s face lets Camille know she is dealing with a tough crowd.


Victor tells Julie that she is the fairy that is supposed to protect him until his Mom returns. She lets him know that she couldn’t possibly be a fairy, because they wear pretty dresses and have magic wands. Don’t stereotype, girl. Fairies can wear plaid shirts and tank tops and we all have a magic wand or two lying around the house. Time passes and a guest arrives. Guess who? It’s Laure. She is just checking on everyone since the power went out and has no ulterior motives. By the way, she totally wouldn’t have a problem if Julie wanted to stay at her place. It just makes sense. She has a fireplace and supplies, like wine and silk sheets. Julie tells her to get stepping and on her way out, Laure informs her that they may have caught and killed her attacker.


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