“Chicago Fire” (2.8) recap: Shay Always Looks Like That


Previously on Chicago Fire, Severide found out he had a sister, Cruz let Flaco die to help his brother, Boden told McLeod to take his retirement and shove it, Shay continued to make questionable choices after Dawson blamed her for a guy’s suicide, and Casey choked when he had a chance with Dawson.

Casey and Dawson are packing up the last of the Darden boys’ crap to ship to Florida. She tells him that aside from breaking Ben’s G.I. Joe he did a good job with the kids. She’ll miss coming by to hang out with them. He says she could come hang out with him and she says, “Yeah no, you choked buddy and I’m shit with forgiveness, just ask Shay.”

Speaking of Shay, over at the ShayverOtis loft of sex and dorks, Devon walks down the stairs without pants. Otis is indignant that she doesn’t have to pay rent. Buddy, you get to stare at her ass, so zip it. Devon notices a helmet from Battlestar Galactica and she and Otis speak geek to each other while Severide gives Shay crap for not being ready for work. I don’t know, that kimono totally looks standard issue. She tells him she’s transferred and doesn’t work at 51 any more.

Chicago Fire - Season 2

Cruz is walking with his little brother Leon and chatting about HVAC. Watching daytime TV gives you all sorts of access to ITT Tech ads. A little girl on a bike rides by and a second later shots ring out. The Cruz brothers run to help and find the little girl shot along with another guy. Cruz starts CPR. Cruz sends the little girl off in the ambulance and for his trouble he get to talk to Voight. Ugh, this guy again. But it’s all right because he’s brought along Sophia Bush who is playing Detective Hairporn.

CF 2081

Mills is waiting to get coffee and looking like he just finished his paper route. Isabella walks up to ask him out. Apparently, she didn’t mind being called Dawson when they were making out. Maybe it gave her some pleasant flashbacks of that one time in college. He tells her he doesn’t have a tux, but she says she can take care of that for him. Looks like Pete’s going to prom.

Severide is having (breakfast? brunch?) some kind of meal with his newly discovered sister. They talk about their d-bag dad and their real families. She says she doesn’t always want to be a sous chef but would like to have her own catering company. He wastes no time asking her for a favor and says why don’t you get your ass in the 51 kitchen and cook for a bunch of people you’ve never met? He sells it as practice for being a caterer. Classic older brother bullshit. Like saying “how fast can you brush your teeth and fall asleep? I’ll time you.” Katie you’re too old to fall for it, but she says sure anyway.

Chicago Fire - Season 2

Herrmann and Otis are chatting about Zoya who, sadly, has to go back to Russia. Herrmann’s not too sad since he thinks having a bartender who speaks the language might be a good thing. Cruz walks in and the poor guy just can’t win. First she sleeps with Severide, now she’s getting shipped out? Herrmann asks Cruz why Voight was calling and Cruz tells him about the shooting. But Hermy can tell he’s not getting the full story. Elfin dentists have a sixth sense.

Boden walks into the common room and announces that Shay transferred out of 51. Dawson asks, “Wait, transferred, like she’s gone? Like she’s not coming back? I don’t understand, you blame a girl for a suicide one time and she just leaves?” Boden introduces the new guy whose name Chout (rhymes with shout), but he looks like Nazi Rolf from The Sound of Music. He walks right up to Dawson and pumps her hand like he’s Percy Weasley meeting the Minister of Magic. Ugh Weatherby, buzz off already. Dawson wants Severide to explain. The answer lies within, dumbass.

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