“Orphan Black” is (almost) back


Warning: This post will contain spoilers for Season 1 of Orphan Black. If you haven’t watched yet…you’re wrong. Go make it right, then come back and be excited with us.

This weekend, Orphan Black finally revealed the Season 2 premiere date, so we can more accurately count down the minutes until our favorite clones return to us. They told us via “teaser” which the most accurate description for this video because literally all it does is tease.

Source: BBC America

Though I’m not even going to pretend like I didn’t get chills when the numbers flickered to 324B21.

BBC America had already announced the casting of three new men surely out to mix things up, but what’s wonderful is that they could introduce any number of new clones and not have to make any kind of announcement for it, since Tatiana Maslany plays them all. We really have no idea what’s in store. All we know for sure is that we’ve already gif’d every second of Tatiana Maslany’s screentime and we would like more content STAT.

We know the premier date, but there are still a lot of questions. Will we meet new clones? Is Helena really dead? Who took Kira? How many people will Sarah kill with her bare hands to get Kira back? How fast will Alison spiral? Can we really trust Delphine? Can Cosima make out with her some more even if we can’t trust her? Will Cosima be okay? Wait–scratch that, more like: COSIMA WILL BE OKAY, RIGHT?!



Source: http://cophines.tumblr.com

The channel on which Orphan Black airs in Canada also released a teaser, though it’s just a compilation of sound bytes from Season 1 meant to remind us how stressed out we should be about the fate every single one of our perfect-faced clones.

Source: Space

It still blows my mind that all those voices were Tatiana Maslany, yet I could tell you which clone said which quote, because they each have a unique accent, tone, and timber.

Now, all we can do is wait. I know April 19th, 2014 seems like a really long time for now, but it’s only 145 days. 3,480 hours (give or take).

Here are some things you can do in 145 days, provided you don’t need to eat, sleep, work, or do anything besides the item on the list:

– Watch Season 1 of Orphan Black 348 times

– Write 16,704,000 words about how much you love Orphan Black

– Watch every single TV episode or movie each Orphan Black cast member has ever been in

– Do the entire HipHopAbs workout 1,933 times

tumblr_mno97knYHF1rgvfxho3_500hipsource: orphanblack.tumblr.com

– Listen to Tatiana Maslany‘s “Cosima” playlist 5,643 times

– Read every Orphan Black fanfic ever written

– Make approximately 870 boxes of Jello back to back

– Find and watch every single Cosima/Delphine fanvid on the internet

If you do end up needing to do other things instead, I highly recommend following Orphan Black on Twitter and Tumblr, because their social media team is hilarious and seems to be made up entirely of fangirls (and/or fanboys). No, I am not being paid to say that; though if they wanted an extra fangirl on deck, I would not say no.

What will you be doing to pass the time until Season 2? More importantly, what are you looking forward to most about the next season? What questions do you want answered?

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