The Daily Beast Declares Kate McKinnon “The Future of SNL”


You probably first noticed tearing it up on The Big Gay Sketch Show, but the rest of the world got their first real glimpse when she rocked a Penelope Cruz impression while canoodling with Sophia Vergara — McKinnon’s idea, by the way, which she pitched on her first day. Not a bad first foot forward.

Kevin Fallon at The Daily Beast was lucky enough to interview her this week. And, yes, she took the time to crack up her interviewer too.

McKinnon talked about what it’s like to go through the big audition for aspiring sketch comedians, getting the job and experiencing the cry-and-collapse that she’d always imagined:

…it didn’t happen naturally. But I did it anyway because I wanted to have that moment. So I did collapse. But, again, it was with the consciousness of, like, “I should do this right now.

She also talks about what it’s like to start to hit and, of course about meeting Ellen DeGeneres for the first time.

“I love you. Thank you for everything. You mean so much to me. Wow. Thank you for this day. You’re amazing.” And she was very kind. I get starstruck by women who I truly idolize, such as her and Kristen Wiig.

 The entire interview is insightful and great and, best of all, has lots of Kate McKinnon in it. Yes, you just might love her even more. Read the whole thing at The Daily Beast.

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