“Grey’s Anatomy” recap (10.10): Release the YaYas


Based on the promos for this week’s Grey’s Anatomy, I thought it was going to be one of those episodes where everyone is banging in every corner of the hospital. However, there was nary a bang in sight! Way to fake us out Grey’s. However, they did do one thing that I find rather impressive. Grey’s somehow turned one of the most unappealing characters into someone we could sympathize with, and maybe—if we are willing to admit it—grow to like. More on that later though.

It’s morning in Seattle and Bailey is going through one of her many rituals, while Ben looks watches, concerned about this sudden change in his wife. Arizona wakes up, not in her hotel room, but in her and Callie’s apartment! The downside? She’s sleeping on the couch. The plus side? Her leg is on the coffee table, right next to what I assume is the Collected Works of Annie Liebovitz and a pile of Wonder Woman coasters. Callie emerges from the bedroom and wishes her good morning as she breezes past. You can tell by the look on Arizona’s face that this isn’t exactly how she pictured their reunion.


Meredith and Derek are being adorable, and baby Bailey has on a hat with little mouse ears. Stop being so cute McDreamys! Derek was inspired by toothpaste or cream of wheat or something, because he’s an actual genius, so he’s off to put his noodle to work.

At the hospital, Emma is dropping off more baked goods for Owen. (Someone has been watching too much Pioneer Woman on her time off.) Callie and April watch them interact, cooing about how cute they are as a couple. When Cristina joins them, she tries to play it cool, but we all know she’s really missing Owen.

When Meredith arrives, Jo approaches her about Richard. He wants another stress test (since he failed the last one), so Meredith agrees to check on him. Mer is less than thrilled to find out that Stephanie is on her service again. Apparently Meredith is still pissed off about Stephanie taking Alex’s side a few days prior. Their patient is a woman suffering from end stage cancer. Meredith and Stephanie have the difficult task of telling the woman and her husband that all they can really do now is try to alleviate her pain. The patient is devastated but agrees to the treatment that will help her live out her days in more comfort.


Cristina’s patient, the Glazier baby from last week, is still alive but struggling. Alex is now working the case with her. Cristina, who hasn’t been able to spill her guts about her Owen feelings to Meredith, tries to talk with Alex. He woke up on the prudish side of the bed this morning and doesn’t really want to hear about Cristina’s lack of sexcapades. He does suggest that she go find another warm body to have fun with, and refers to her breasts as “yayas.” Ross overhears, but he has bigger issues. The conduit they made for the baby—the one that got Cristina in hot water with Meredith—is contaminated. They need to make a new one or the baby won’t make it.

April glides in to the lounge like a regular Season 6 Arizona Robbins, and slips Stephanie a wedding invitation. She makes sure to tell her that it includes a plus one. A Jackson Avery-shaped plus one.

Ben and Bailey arrive and are bickering about Bailey’s OCD. They have differing opinions. Ben thinks she should talk to someone about it and Bailey thinks Ben should shut the hell up.


Through the emergency room doors comes a little girl, accompanied by her babysitter. The little girl was riding her scooter and was hit by a car. Owen, Arizona and Leah are on the case, but when Owen instructs them to get Callie involved, things turn awkward. This cannot end well, and that’s what Leah fears. Hide the bone saws, y’all. When Arizona and Leah are finally alone, Arizona softens a bit. Leah questions if Arizona and Callie are really getting back together, and Arizona tells her yes. She also kindly dissuades her from being that girl, waiting around for the married doctor’s marriage to fall apart. It’s always easy peasy until it’s not, right Leah?


Stephanie is checking on her patients when she overhears the women with terminal cancer talking to another woman. She’s basically auditioning women to take her place in her man’s life. That man, however, is not her husband. His name is Stan.

Derek and Ben sure are committed to continuing their bromance from earlier in the season. Derek confesses that his research is actually amping up, rather than making his life less complicated. He’s worried Meredith is going to kill him since he promised to take a step back so she could shine. Ben, takes this as an invitation to talk about his wife and her troubling behaviors. He tells Derek about the OCD and how he thinks it stems from the hole in the glove incident. Unfortunately for Ben and Bailey, Derek isn’t able to just sit back and listen. He’s one of the owners of this hospital and must report the possible “misconduct” to Owen. Ben naturally feels awful. Just because you sew fairy wings for a guy, doesn’t make him your confidante, Ben.

Cristina and Ross mull over what to do about the faulty conduit. Sure, Meredith will be pissed but hello! Babies needing new baby heart conduits. Ross reaches into the depths of his sharkiness and propositions Cristina and her yayas. She shoots him her absolute best Cristina, “are you fucking kidding me” face. He goes on to say that he finds her attractive and she tells him to hushabye. Thank god.


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