“The Returned” recap (1.4): Think Of Something Nice


The episode opens 35 years in the past; Victor and his brother are playing under a blanket with flashlights telling scary stories. Their Mom tells them it is time for bed and Victor shares that he is afraid to go to sleep because of nightmares. His Mom assures him that everything will be fine (famous last words) and leaves to go to bed herself. Suddenly Victor is awakened by gunshots and his brother screaming. He runs to the closet to hide. As he tries to stifle his breathing, a mask intruder enters and sees the puddle of urine leaking from the closet. He comes closer and says, “Don’t let him see you. Stay there I will come back for you later. Calm down. And think of something nice. Why don’t you sing a song in your head? A song from school?” Just then another masked man enters and asks his partner in crime who he is talking to. He pleads for them to just leave, it is just a boy and he won’t talk. The second intruder callously fires his gun through the closet door and we hear the sound of Victor’s body as it slumps to the ground.


Now present day, Victor awakens from a nightmare and Julie asks if he is alright. She then hears a scream from out in the hall. When she investigates, she finds another neighbor looking at the corpse of Ms. Payet sans cats. Forget looking for her murderer and round up those cats. They are on the loose with the taste for human flesh.


Jerome and Claire are having coffee in the kitchen. She has decided moving is a good idea after all, but she is on the fence about getting back together with him. Laure and another officer come to the door. They ask Jerome to come down to the station to answer a few questions about Lucy. Claire is confused and realizes her apprehension to get back together may be a good thing. He tells her it is no big deal and heads out the door. Meanwhile, Thomas watches Adele as she dresses via surveillance camera. Now that I know poor Victor’s story, the title of “Creepiest Character” now goes to this voyeur. An officer enters to inform him of Ms. Payet’s murder and Thomas asks if their have been any leads on Simon.


Speaking of Simon, I have a feeling I know where he is hiding out. As Adele’s daughter leaves for school she asks her if there are mice in the attic again. Adele promises her she will take care of it on her day off of work and sends her out the door. She heads up the stairs with a tray full of food and opens the locked door to the attic. Simon comes out of the shadows and tries to put the moves on her. She sort of resists then ends up slapping him. He sits and ravenously eats the food she prepared while sharing his plans with her. He wants to get a job in another town and then they can all move away. Adele resists the idea. She doesn’t want to move Chloe away from her life and fears Simon may leave again.


Lena wakes and feels her scar. She runs to mirror and shrieks. Downstairs Claire talks to Camille about moving. Camille insists she doesn’t need to hide as long as she continues to say she is Alice. Because that will fool everyone forever. She accuses Jerome of only wanting to move to keep Claire away from Pierre. Just then, Lena runs down the stairs and collapses. Claire pulls back her clothes to reveal a large wound down her back then calls for an ambulance.


Thomas, Laure and other officers interview neighbors of Ms. Payet. Laure approaches Julie’s door and knocks. Julie tells Victor to quickly hide and he runs to the bathroom. Laure enters her apartment and asks her if she heard anything last night. Julie says she slept like a log and asks how she died. Laure tells her she was stabbed a dozen times in the abdomen, but there is no evidence it was the same man that attacked Julie yet. She offers her police protection and Julie refuses. Just then the lights go out in the bathroom and Victor knocks something to the floor. Confused, Laure says, “Aren’t you alone?” Julie in an attempt to make Laure jealous answers “Nope” with a smirk. In the darkness of the bathroom, Victor hears the words of the masked intruder from his past. A hand touches his shoulder and he bolts out of the bathroom. Laure asks who he is, then chastises her when she finds out she has been looking after him for several days. Before Laure leaves, Julie begs her not to tell anyone.


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