“Super Fun Night” recap (1.7): This is a set-up


After last weeks coming out episode (meaning the barely there come hither stare between Marika and a waitress), I was hoping for a fully-fleshed out gay episode this week. Maybe one where the three friends hit up a lesbian bar, meet a couple of ladies and ride off into the sunrise together. Not the case. Instead, seeing how much fun Richard and Kimmie have together in the office, Kendall decides it’s time they set Kimmie up on a date.

While looking at a photo of Richard’s soccer team, Kendall picks out the most unattractive one of the bunch, later telling Kimmie that she thought of her the minutes she saw him. Kimmie thinks he’ll be the guy who finally makes her feel better about being alone but her friends remind her that she can’t judge a guy from one pic.

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Just then, there’s a knock at the door and Helen and Marika race to get there first. It’s their three neighbors, asking if they can stay the night because their apartment is being fumigated. Marika declines, saying, “No vacancy. Make like spring break and get a plan B.”

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Helen Alice protests and reminds Marika that friends help friends in times of need. Besides, it’ll give giver her more time to spend with Benji. Coming around, and ultimately becoming a better person, Marika tells them they can stay.

Kimmie comes into the office and agrees to the set-up under two conditions, that it is a double date with Richard and Kendall incase it double sucks, and that they go somewhere fun. Joining in Kimmie’s excitement, Richard suggests Funcadia Arcade, a place that sound eerily similar to Chuck E Cheese. Kendall asks if they serve cyanide or if she should bring her own. Upon a vote, she is out numbered and they’re off to the land of animatronic bears that sing songs from the public domain.

Back at the apartment, Helen-Alice runs to greet the boys at the door. Having overpacked, the guys file in with enough camping gear for a week and a full set of knights armor. As Kimmie enters the room, ready for her big set-up, the guys ask if she’s recently picked up a filthy habit, because she is smoking. She downplays her evening saying it’ll probably be really lame. Marika tells her to keep an open mind: “My parents met at an orgy and they’re total soul mates.”

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Arriving at Funcadia Arcade, Kimmie asks Richard and Kendall if she looks all right. Kendall barely nods, but Richard tells her she looks amazing. “Well,” she says,”the sequins probably distract from the fact that these pants down zip up.” She asks about her date, James, as she sees him across the arcade. He joins the group, a slovenly looking, goofy guy. Before he even says anything, Kimmie makes her way to the bathroom. “She has a weak bladder,” Richard explains. “ME TOO,” says James.

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At dinner, James is telling everyone a little about himself. Aside from being from the “Paris of the West” (San Francisco), he likes to take adventures, travel and watch movies. Not sounding so bad, he asks Kimmie what she’s into. She lists her first and only hobby as being alone. Kendall then chimes in and tells James that Kimmie is from the large kitchen parts capital of the world to which Richard exclaims that his mom has a big stove. The uncanny coincidence doesn’t sway Kimmie’s mind and she tells James she isn’t feeling any connection.

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At the sleep over, Helen Alice have lost control, of both their apartment and their TV. Wanting to watch the season finale of Property Snobs, the guys snatch the remote to watch Slug Week on the Discovery Channel. Seems they’re on different ends of the nerd spectrum.

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James asks Kimmie about her favorite lawyer movie, explaining and reenacting a scene from his favorite, A Few Good Men. Unimpressed, Kimmie tells him that isn’t a realistic lawyer movie, instead telling him he sound watch Liar, Liar. Kendall shoos them off, telling they crazy kids to go play some arcade games. James directs Kimmie to a car driving game where it feels like you’re actually driving a real car. After opening the nonexistent door for her to get in, and slamming her hand in it, he gets in and asks if she was excited for their blind date. She tells him it wasn’t exactly blind, and that she had seen a picture beforehand. He says that the unattractive face he had in the photo is his picture face, and that he makes it every time someone points a camera at him. Kimmie shares her own picture face, a vacant open-mouthed stare, and they share a good laugh. James then says that when he usually gets set up, his friends choose someone weird and he worries that that’s how people see him. Kimmie agrees that she knows the feeling, but James thinks this time his friends got it right. The happy music starts as the two crazy kids start hitting it off.

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Behind them, Richard watches them longingly as Kendall comes up behind him. “This might be a love connection after all,” she exclaims. In what seems to be jealousy, Richard seems doubtful. When Kendall tries to leave, he says it’d be rude to leave and instead tries to get her to play games with him, having to explain the reasoning behind Whac-a-Mole.

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Helen and Marika are dealing with their neighbors trashing their apartment and blaming broken lamps on the possibility of a ghost. They decide the guys have to go. Unfortunately, in Helen’s culture, kicking people out brings dishonor to the family. “But that’s just how we roll in St. Louis,” she says. Marika decides that making them leave on their own is the best idea. “Marika, what’s going on?” Helen asks. “You’re giving off that weird bacon smell you get when you’re plotting something.” She tells HJ to play dumb, and that she has a plan.

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While Kimmie and James are taking photos in the photobooth, Kimmie suggests they take one with the ‘fun first date face’ which ends up looking really sweet. Kendall, going all Type-A on the moles, proves to be quite the mole mass murder. James suggests that they compete in an air-hockey death match between the two couples. When Kimmie runs off to snag a table from the girl gang, James tells Richard just how awesome Kimmie is, and that this set-up just might work out. Jealous, Richard tells him to slow down before he storms off towards the air-hockey table.

At the apartment, Marika and Helen are setting up Operation Boy Be Gone, while Kimmie and James are winning at air-hockey. They start dancing around and making a scene. Richard gets upset about their childishness and asks them to have some manners before storming off, again.

Kimmie finds him pouting and asks why he’s so flustered. “I guess if I’m really honest, I think it should be you and I having all the fun,” Richard says before calling himself foolish. Kimmie tells him he’s not being foolish, and as the romantic, guitar strings start to tug at our heartstrings, James comes around and sees their moment. Richard quickly rushes away, past Kendall. “Emotions run high here at Funcadia,” Kimmie says.

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In another attempt to make the three amigos leave, Helen and Marika put a wealth of ‘fragrant cheese’ in the living room for safekeeping. As it turns out, the guys not only appreciate the odor, they happen to have a similar air freshener in their apartment. They also take this time to go through a laundry list of their own sleep idiosyncrasies, including a high-pitch sleep apnea machine and a propensity for “lighting up the bathroom.” When they’ve finally had enough, they straightforwardly ask them to scram but not before a guilt trip about them being heart-less.

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Upon arriving back at the apartment, Kimmie half-heartedly asks James on another date. He tells her he’d love to, except that her heart seems to be in another place.

The three musketeers come back in the morning to apologize for keeping Helen and Marika up all night. While they ready themselves to sing to the ladies, Helen notes that while she likes having male friends, she doesn’t see the point. Marika agrees, saying, “It’s like I always say: You put too many sausages in the pot, the water is never going to boil.”

So the episode isn’t completely without lesbian undertones.

Back in the office, Kendall approaches Richard and asks who he has more fun with, her or Kimmie. After he agrees that it is in fact Kimmie, she tells him to whack his own mole from now on. As she leaves the room, we see that Kimmie overheard the entire conversation.

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Here’s hoping they next episode finds the whole Richard and Kimmie “will they, won’t they?” storyline tied up so we can move on to more pertinent relationship issues, like what Marika’s type is and where she’d go on a first date.

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