“Chicago Fire” recap (2.7): “Lovers quarrel”


Previously on Chicago Fire, Casey played Mr. Mom, Gail McLeod wanted to close 51 but relented when Boden offered her the consolation prize of his head on a pike.  Dawson broke up with Jay so he could go back to Chicago PD, Mouch lost the election because he has morals, and Benny Severide is going to be the new Chief of 51 because he doesn’t.  Shay saw a guy kill himself in front of her, Dawson blamed Shay for the suicide, and now that they are broken up Shay is on a long downward spiral that involves a lot of sex with Devon.

Boden is getting an MRI on his lungs which may or may not be filled with cancer courtesy of asbestos exposure.  Meanwhile, Casey is playing football in the house with the Darden boys.  He breaks a glass when he tries out his best Megatron impression.  Dawson walks in on this circus in time to see Casey whip the ball at the little Darden and break his collector’s edition G.I. Joe.  Casey tells the boys to go clean the kitchen while Super Dawson uses her paramedic skills to glue a toy together.  You’re under-appreciated here, Dawson.  Also, you know Casey’s using that super glue for his Dungeons and Dragons figures.

Severide is sitting in his car like a creeper waiting for the woman he saw with Benny.  When he spots her, he hops out of the car and asks her if she’s okay with breaking up a family.  She says, “Dumbass, I’m not dating him, I’m his daughter.”  Kelly you can’t just ask people if they’re boning your dad.  Apparently, being hot runs in the family.  Severide meet your sister, Katie.

CF 2071

Back at the trauma center located on Casey’s dining room table, Dawson is working some superglue magic on G.I. Joe while Casey tells her all about the fishing trip he has planned for the boys.  As he finishes Heather Darden calls with the good news that killing someone just isn’t what it used to be and she’s getting out after spending about forty minutes in jail.  The boys are excited and Casey puts away his fishing brochure.  Maybe it’s time to make some grown-up friends, Matt.

CF 2072

Severide has one more awkward family conversation before he wins a free ice cream so he’s waiting in the lobby of Benny’s hotel. Kelly tells his dad he had a lovely conversation with Beth, Benny’s wife, the other day.  Benny starts a song and dance about how she’s difficult. Kelly is not having any of it.  He says it was nice to meet Katie who seems to have been born right around the time Benny ditched Kelly and his mother.  Wow, Severide can do gestational math!  Benny gets huffy and says he’s coming out of a happy retirement of being a hobo to save Kelly’s firehouse.  Kelly tell Benny he’s running from another family he fucked up and leaving the kids to be the ones to clean it up.

At 51, Capp is giving Herrmann shit for failing the lieutenant’s exam three times.  If it’s anything like the bar exam, you can’t make fun of people who don’t pass.  Stop being a dick, Capp.  In walks Mama Mills with baby Mills and a heaping vat of porridge.  She brings smiles and groceries and gets kisses from all the guys.  Except Boden who scuffs his feet on the ground and generally looks as uncomfortable as I am around a pretty girl.

Boden is crossing names off in a book when Herrmann walks in and wants to know if the Chief has him on the “naughty” or “nice” list this year.  Boden says that three of the men who responded to a fire in 1985 with him are dead.

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