“Beacon Hill” delivers love and politics in Boston


After months of tweeting and teasing, we are finally getting our first look at Beacon Hill: The Series. Web series maven Crystal Chappell has teamed up with Bella Productions (sister company of Bella Books) to bring us an exciting, new show about love and politics in Boston. The cherry on top of this already delicious premise is that the cast is beyond amazing. It stars Alicia Minshew, who soap fans know and love from her portrayal of Kendall Hart in All My Children. Minshew plays Sara Preston, the granddaughter of an ailing senator, who returns to Boston to face her family and her past.


Part of that past is her former girlfriend, politician Katherine Wesley. Katherine is played by Sarah Brown, who won multiple Emmys for her portrayal of the infamous Carly Benson on General Hospital. When Sara and Katherine cross paths after many years apart, sparks are bound to fly.


The rest of the ensemble is top notch with notables including Broadway star Ron Raines at Sen. Preston, soap opera Grand Dame Louise Sorel as Emily Tanner and of course, Crystal Chappell (playing very much against type) as Claire Preston.


Not a whole lot has been revealed about the plot, but if Chappell and Bella Productions are behind it, it’s going to have a lot of drama and lady kisses.


Here is the teaser trailer for Beacon Hill: The Series, which is expected to debut in March 2014.

Are you looking forward to Beacon Hill?

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