“The Good Wife” recap (5.8): American Dream


Last week on The Good Wife, life was rough for Florrick Agos, as Lockhart Gardner reeled one of the fourth years back into their clutches. *shakes fist at Anthony* This week, Alicia and team return to buoyancy, at least slightly, with the help of the return of America Ferrera. And while we don’t get to see much of Kalinda, this is the best Robyn episode we’ve seen in a long ass time, which is almost as good.

It all starts off with Will giving a speech about how Lockhart Gardner is living large, officially opening an office in New York and rebranding themselves to just be “LG.” I have a few questions about all this, Will. You just lost a bunch of employees and a few clients, including your largest one, Chumhum. Also you are just, what, a few months into a recovery from that time your firm almost financially tanked? Is expansion a smart thing right now? Also, LG is already a company and sounds dumb.

On the Florrick Agos front, though, things seem to be moving forward, however slightly, because they finally have offices. Praise be, because if I had to watch the fourth years ogling Grace Florrick for one more week I was going to scream. Of course, the “offices” are in an old t-shirt factory full of rust and dust, but Alicia is glowing from its potential. “We can do this,” she says with that blindingly-full-of-hope Alicia Florrick smile. As Other Carey says, if they just buffer the floors they can make it look like a hip startup, which I think is true. I would totally feel more comfortable going to a law firm in a rad old factory than going to the fancy, dimly lit Lockhart Gardner offices. Hahaha, like I’d ever have enough money to go to either.


But hey, maybe I would, because the first client that Alicia snags in this episode can’t actually pay them anything. It’s an undocumented man named Tomas who’s being pressured into snitching on a scary Mexican cartel leader for a visa, because that is clearly how we do the American dream here. He’s brought to Alicia’s attention by America Ferrera, known here as Natalie Flores, who is a Lockhart Gardner intern no more. She does start in her quest to help her friend Tomas at Lockhart Gardner, but gets stuck talking to Howard Lyman because all the other partners are too busy chasing down clients they’re hoping to get back from Florrick Agos. Lyman proceeds to talk to Natalie about sexy Mexican ladies in short dresses, because I mean, what else is there even to talk about to a Latina? Natalie’s face goes from this:


To this:


Good job on that one, LG! Natalie immediately goes to Alicia at the unfurnished t-shirt factory, which she seems a little leery about, although even her leeriness bounces right off of Alicia’s optimism. “Give us a week,” she says. It’s going to be amazing. And even though they probably won’t get any money for it, Florrick Agos decides to help Tomas out because Natalie is connected to a rich lobbyist who could possibly swing a lot of moolah their way later. They share a somewhat geeky yet adorable high five.


In less jubilant news, Other Carey has also been chatting with Nathan Lane, who says they need to fire someone to lower their payroll. This seems strange to me, because is ANYONE at Florrick Agos getting paid right now? Can’t they wait until they at least have some desks in their office to figure out what their future is going to look like? Anyway, the last one to be hired is typically the first one fired, and that person happens to be Robyn. Cary reluctantly says he’ll talk to her. Unfortunately, Robyn is on the other side of the door, listening to every word of this conversation, which results in a very very sad Robyn face. I do not like very very sad Robyn faces.


Also, how dumb is this? Yeah, firing our one investigator sounds like a SWELL idea, because investigators on The Good Wife NEVER help win cases or anything. Seriously, fourth years, what is wrong with you?

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