“Grey’s Anatomy” recap (10.9): Jury’s Out


Here it is folks—the episode we’ve been dreading eagerly anticipating all season. It’s present day. Why wouldn’t it be, you may ask. Well, this episode makes more time jumps than the Tardis, so be forewarned.

Callie is nervously looking for pantyhose. I know the feeling. It once took me two days to take off a pair of Spanx, unassisted. Enough about me though. Callie accidentally knocks over part of the display, which her voiceover reminds us that surgeons shouldn’t do. (Cause accidents—not buy pantyhose.) A helpful clerk comes over and offers her assistance to the clearly frazzled Callie.


The clerk keeps showing Callie all these fancified hose, but Callie is searching for simple nude and begins screaming at the poor woman. She flashes back to a surgery gone awry, and also back to painful memories of Arizona. She catches herself, and apologizes to the clerk, who is on the verge of tears. As the words come out, Callie’s voice over talks about how sometimes being sorry doesn’t matter when what’s done is done. Callie explains to the clerk that she’s under a lot of pressure, and buys all the pantyhose in sight. Even the ones with rhinestones. She leaves the store with enough hose to supply the Rockettes for a year and time flashes back.

Flashback: One Month Earlier

Derek and Callie are all smiles, explaining their new robotic limb project to a group of eager doctors. A man comes in to the room, looking for Callie. She cheerfully introduces herself, and he hands her a subpoena. She’s being sued for negligent malpractice.

Flashback: Four Months Earlier

Cristina and Callie are hanging out near the margarita bar at Meredith’s baby shower. Cristina starts talking about a famous snowboarder named Travis Reed. He had been a patient of Cristina’s back in the day. She replaced his heart valve, and after the surgery he went on to win gold. Travis’s heart is her Mona Lisa, she brags to Callie. Travis, it turns out, needs hip surgery and Cristina has personally recommended Callie.

Arizona comes over to the women, looking for the onesie station, like you do. Once Cristina leaves, Arizona drops the best kind of bomb on her wife: She wants to have another baby. Callie is shocked but delighted. Arizona feels that after such a long, painful year, they should have something joyous in their lives again. Arizona also offers to carry the baby. Callie is so far over the moon, she’s on Jupiter.


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