“Chicago Fire” (2.6) recap: A lady in uniform


It’s midnight in the backhoe of good and evil and Severide is trying to figure out how Nathan got the rig started in the first place. He says he used a screwdriver and Severide tries to locate it and, surprise!, finds it just out of his reach. Maybe if he went to some of those wellness yoga sessions he would be able to stretch farther.

CF 2068

Back at the house, Griffin is staring at a wall. Is anyone keeping an eye on this kid? He asks if firefighter’ have badges like cops do and Casey is surprised his mom never took him to see his dad’s badge. Shay hops out of the rig and offers to give Devon the “tour.” First stop the on-call room, right ladies? Instead they run into the Chief who growls at Shay about how Severide’s absence without a note from his parent or guardian is unacceptable. Shay says, “Am I my lesbro’s keeper?”

The next morning Shay runs through the ShayverOtis apartment looking for Kelly. When Otis confirms he hasn’t heard from him either she grabs Otis’ keys and runs out the door to look for Severide. Finally, Super Shay to the rescue! Severide wakes up in the backhoe and checks to see if Nathan is, despite his Blue is the Deadest Color complexion, still living. Severide still can’t reach the screwdriver.

CF 2069

Meanwhile, at Molly’s, Dawson is filling napkin holders while Arthur menaces her from the end of the bar. He asks for his money and when she says no he pours out some very expensive looking scotch and lights the bar on fire. Jay grabs for the gun in the other henchman’s pants (not a euphemism) and punches him. Arthur shoots Jay and trains the gun on Dawson. Jay puts his gun to Arthur’s head and tells him he’s under arrest before pistol whipping. Dawson puts the fire out and helps Jay call 911.

CF 20610

Shay pulls up and finds Severide’s car in the parking lot. She heads out to look for him. He’s trying to wake Nathan up in the backhoe but not having any luck. He finds a metal strip in the binding of one of Nathan’s text books and is able to get the backhoe running. Shay pulls up to the site and starts looking around. She hears banging and arrives in time to see the backhoe pop upright. Severide carries Nathan to Otis’s truck (man he’s going to be pissed about all the blood in his back seat). Shay does what she’s best at and drives like a maniac to the hospital.

CF 20611

Mouch and the boys are sitting at a diner when he gets the news that he lost to Sullivan. Jay and Dawson are talking in front of Molly’s. Antonio stops by to tell Jay that getting shot is the surest way to get promoted and Jay wants into Antonio’s team (clearly he did not watch season one of this show). Dawson breaks up with him because she can’t handle him going undercover. Toodles, Jay. It was fun.

Casey takes Griffin to see his dad’s badge on the all of honor and the kid cries. Shay and Severide are in the hospital when Nathan is wheeled out with his mom. He says “Mom, this is the man who saved me.” If this were a Lifetime movie the mom and Severide would have an affair and little Nathan would have new dad.

All right, what did you think of this week’s episode?

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