“Chicago Fire” (2.6) recap: A lady in uniform


But not quite as bleak as it looks for Nathan. Severide spots a truck driving by and gets Nathan to hold his insides together while Severide sprints after the truck. Of course the truck disappears before Severide can get to it and all hope is lost, yet again. Severide runs back to the backhoe where Nathan is passed out and blood is everywhere. He clamps Nathan’s arm again but then a giant piece of metal falls and pins his leg. Severide, you can’t tempt the universe with man capris, it will smite you every time.

Boden walks into the diner, the diner on the corner, he orders to coffees, and one is for Benny. Benny wants to clear the air by saying he totally didn’t campaign for Boden’s job. Boden has this quiet, simmering, anger mixed with sadness. I wish he’d just pop Benny in the face but that’s not really his style. Instead he broods. He broods when he returns to the house, safe in the knowledge that he saved 51 by resigning. He tells everyone the good news before telling Casey he’s going to have to deal with two Severides in the house. Good luck, buddy. Having the Darden boys is going to feel like a cake walk.

Back in the backhoe of doom, Severide is pawing through Nathan’s backpack. He finds a binder clip and crows triumphantly. Saved by office supplies! He uses it to pinch the artery and now he has both of his hands free to—well, um—sit around and ask Nathan why he was joyriding in the first place. Nathan tells him that his dad was a construction worker who promised to take him for a ride one day but instead he abandoned his family. Nathan figured that he would teach himself so he could show his dad he didn’t need him. Severide can relate because he became a firefighter without Benny’s help, too. The theme of this episode is deadbeats dads. I half expected John Walsh to show up with a list of America’s Most Wanted deadbeats at the end.

CF 2066

Isabella tells Mouch it’s the last chance to let everyone know what a swine Sullivan is. Mouch won’t do it. Isabella gets angry and goes all Stillwell on him, chanting, “You’re gonna lose, you’re gonna lose.” Mills steps in and tells her in his most condescending voice, “This isn’t Washington.” She leaves in a huff.

CF 2067

Shay and Dawson are doing a little inventory on the rig (god I wish that were a euphemism) when Devon saunters up and tells the world just how much she loves a woman in uniform. Get in line, girl. Dawson fake coughs and Shay half introduces Devon before ignoring jealous Dawson. Devon wants to know when Shay gets off. Work. She’s talking about work. Devon wants to know when she gets off work and Shay tells her not until the next morning. Devon wonders if Shay has a break coming up and maybe she can help her get off. Sadly, this threesome is called out to a lady in distress. Shay, the captain of the S.S. Terrible Ideas, invites Devon to ride along. Dawson protests and then throws her hands up and says, “Whatever.” Oh, Dawson, we all wish you two would just go back to your special showers together. But only you can make that happen.

When they say “lady in distress” they mean a lady in full on bath salts induced crazy town. She’s like one of Pennsatucky’s minions. Devon laughs inappropriately because she’s that sort of useless girlfriend. Crabtree and Evelyn launches herself at Dawson and they knock over a display in the store. Shay jabs Evie with a sedative and take her away.