“Chicago Fire” (2.6) recap: A lady in uniform


Isabella runs over to tell Casey that her buddy Peter Florick thinks that Heather “you might have heard I killed my best friend” Darden might have a good chance to get moved to a minimum security prison. Griffin Darden shows up and Casey takes him around the firehouse. While everyone welcomes Griffin, Dawson sneaks out for a broad daylight meet up with her undercover cop boyfriend, Jay. Please be more obvious you two. Jay tells her he has everything under control he just needs Dawson to push Arthur a little bit harder. Oh yeah, brilliant plan, Ginger Cop. I’m sure this won’t end badly.

CF 2064

Everyone is called out to a bike accident. A lady is pinned underneath some huge metal plates. Clarke is the man in charge and he MacGuyvers his way through the rescue using only giant rescue tools and ten other people to save the woman’s life.

Meanwhile, Severide is trying to save Nathan’s life without any tools. He asks the kid if he had a cell phone and he says, sure it’s in my backpack. Severide spots the backpack on the ground outside the backhoe. He shows Nathan how to hold his artery so he doesn’t bleed out and scampers off to get the bag. While he runs we cut back to the Chief leaving Severide a message about tardiness and how being a leader means showing up to work. When Severide hops back in the cab with Nathan he pulls out a cellphone and looks as mangled as Nathan’s arm. The kid can’t bear to hold on anymore and blood comes spurting out. Severide says, “‘tis but a fleshwound.”

Griffin Darden is inspecting the firefighter coats when Casey comes to find him. He asks if someone else is wearing his dad’s coat now. Casey assures him that the coat was burned just as badly as his old man in the fire. Very comforting Casey. Mills and Clarke are putting away their equipment (not a euphemism) in the garage. Mills wants to know where Clarke learned the trick with the jaws of life. Clarke tells him that in the military they had to improvise. He likes that about being a firefighter because all they need to get by is water, common sense, and balls. Mills sits down, rests his chin on his hands and says “tell me more about your balls, Clarke.”

This homoerotic moment is broken up by Greg Sullivan who saunters in with the pallid complexion of a boiled potato. He shakes hands with Clarke and Mills before Isabella appears. She shakes his hand and he says she’s pretty like the least attractive guy in the frat basement who thinks because he’s a brother that makes him hot. Isabella looks ready to nail his balls to a table but settles for smiling and leading him into the debate.

Upstairs Dawson is busy telling Herrmann and Otis that Jay is actually a cop. They don’t believe her because, well, they’ve seen him in action. Before they can get into the details of how Jay has been screwing all of them, Sullivan walks in for the debate. He earns zero points for going after Mouch’s nickname and then after 51 as a house. Hey Shay what do you think of Sullivan?

CF 2065

Mouch stands up and looks like he might fight back with Sullivan’s history of not paying child support but stops himself. It’s looking pretty bleak for Mouch.

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