“Chicago Fire” (2.6) recap: A lady in uniform


Previously on Chicago Fire, Boden threw his jersey on McLeod’s desk and told her he would step down as long and Rudy got to play. Herrmann, Otis, and Dawson are in over their heads with Arthur, but it’s cool because Dawson’s undercover cop boyfriend used to work for the Rosewood PD and is really good at doing nothing to protect them. Dawson tried to end her fight with Shay but Shay wasn’t ready to forgive her. Shay went to a party with Amy R. but ended the night making out against a wall with Devon.

Severide pops down the stairs in the ShayverOtis apartment, wearing his standard A-Team black hoodie, and finds Devon manhandling the coffee maker. “It’s broken,” she says. It’s much less charming than when Vivian can’t work her opera glasses. Severide gives her directions to the nearest Starbucks before trotting off for a morning run. Devon saunters across the living room in a tank and not much more and Shay looks like she’s considering a different kind of morning exercise.

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Before he can pop into his car Severide meets his dad’s current wife and learns Benny has basically abandoned the lady. Rather than going home every weekend to see his kids as he told Kelly, Benny hasn’t been home for months. You, sir, are an asshole and your wife is way too hot for you.

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Severide calls and leaves a message for Boden that he is going to be late for work because he has to stop in and kick his dad’s ass for being a deadbeat. Then he pops his cell phone into his glove compartment and starts his run. McLeod is in Boden’s office with the paperwork for Boden’s retirement. He wants her assurance that Firehouse 51 will be safe if falls on his sword. She says “Yes,” but it’s hard to trust a Slytherin wearing a snakeskin coat.

Severide is trotting alongside a construction site when he sees a backhoe being driven erratically. He watches as it runs into the Womping Willow and topples over. He rushes to help the driver. The driver is a kid and damn, if only Severide was carrying his cell phone. Severide hops up on top of the backhoe and breaks the glass on the door so he can open it. Now Nathan has glass in his hair to go with the rebar poking through his arm. It’s cool, though, because Severide says, “Stay tough, buddy.” Oh, is that all I need to do Mr. Capri pants?

Back at 51, Casey tells everyone that the decision on which house is getting closed is between 51 and 17. Mouch reminds everyone that it’s election day. Otis and Herrmann tell Dawson that maybe it’s time to call the cops and not leave protecting Molly’s to her brother, who so far has done diddly squat. She tells them to quit being such a bunch of babies because she’s got it under control. They remind her that Game Day got blown to bits and maybe Molly’s will be next. Before they make any headway with Dawson, Shay strides in, pissed off as hell that she had to take the bus because Severide is missing. Sex in an alley is cool with Shay, but riding the bus offends her delicate sensibilities.

Meanwhile, Severide is trying to pry Nathan’s leg out from under the backhoe using a piece of rebar. It doesn’t work. Severide’s next brilliant plan is to rip out the bar sticking out of Nathan’s arm. He assures Nathan that it will be just like pulling off a band-aid. Look, I’m a parent. I understand that sometimes you have to bend the truth a little to get kids to cooperate. But Severide a band-aid? Well that’s just a straight up lie. He pulls the bar out and it, of course, starts a geyser of blood. Severide asks the kid to stay tough again and starts rooting around in his bloody arm like a regular McCullers on a coconut cupcake hunt. He finds the squirter and pinches it off but now these two are stuck in one place. So Severide goes all Gilderoy Lockhart and starts screaming for help.

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Back at 51 Mouch is getting ready for his debate with Greg Sullivan. He’s nervous and, per usual, Herrmann, Otis, and Mills are the opposite of helpful. Isabella walks in with some information about Sullivan. Apparently the guy is being sued for failure to pay child support. Everyone is excited except for Mouch who wants to keep his integrity. Isabella has no idea what that word means.

Boden’s latest round of staring at pictures while brooding is interrupted by a Percy Weasley type who wants to talk to Herrmann, Otis, and Dawson. Apparently they are suspects in the Game Day fire. Herrmann is irate and starts yapping like a Jack Russell. Hey Dawson, you still think you have this under control?

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