Crisabel’s top 5 moments from “Tierra de Lobos” Season 2


Our favorite couple from Tierra De Lobos, Cristina and Isabel, have certainly had their ups and downs. It’s hard being a same-sex couple in 19th century Spain, especially when you are the daughter of a tyrannical wealthy landowner or his former favorite prostitute. Yet, although Season 3 has offered these star-crossed lovers a few bad blows, we “Crisabelians” aren’t going to give up hope! To cheer us up (or to catch you up if you are late to hop on the Crisabel bandwagon) here are our five favorite Crisabel scenes from Season 2.

5) Isabel sees Cristina Bathing

The romantic rollercoaster starts in the second episode of Season 2 when, while looking for her little sister Rosa, she accidentally stumbles upon Cristina bathing. Isabel is drawn to her and is unable to look away even after she is caught spying. Not that we blame her. I mean look at Cristina, played by Berta Hernandez. Who wouldn’t be captivated?

1 Isabel sees Cristina bathing 2 Isabel sees Cristina 3 cristina sees isabel

4) Cristina kisses Isabel

A couple of episodes later, Cristina stops Isabel on the street to make it known that the feelings that were stirred up during their last encounter were mutual. Cristina puts Isabel’s hand on her chest so that she can feel her racing heartbeat, but Isabel pulls her hand away, denies everything and runs off.

Yet there is nowhere to run, when later, she finds herself hiding from Captain Ugarte and his men in Cristina’s room. Isabel tells Cristina that she doesn’t want to get her in trouble. Cristina replies, “Too late for that” and kisses her, making Isabel’s head spin.

4 cristina kisses isabel

3) Cristina and Isabel Make Love for the First Time

Isabel can’t stay away. Later that evening, she returns to Cristina’s room to thank her for saving her from Captain Ugarte.

Crisabel make love 1 crisabel make love 2 crisabel make love 3 crisabel make love 4 crisabel make love 5

Of course, Cristina sees right through this thinly veiled excuse to see her. She asks Isabel if she is sure there isn’t anything else that she wanted. Isabel suddenly and forcibly locks the door. Then, it’s Bow Chica Wow Wow time. Just kidding. It’s actually a very touching moment as Isabel and Cristina make love for the first time.

2) Cristina Takes Care of Isabel

Yet, the most touching scene between Isabel and Cristina is when Cristina takes care of Isabel after she helps Almudena and Nieves rescue Isabel from the convent. As Cristina gently washes Isabel’s wounds, she…

You know what? I’m not going to explain it. You should just watch it for yourself.


1) Cristina and Isabel Make Love in the Forest

Isabel gets sent to a convent when her father catches her getting it on with Cristina in the forest. Despite the awkward voyeuristic vibe to the latter part of the scene, the alfresco romp is our #1 Crisabel scene of Season 2. Why, you ask? It’s an easy equation. Two hot women having sex=hot. Two hot women having sex outdoors=hotter. Two hot women having make-up sex outdoors after a fight that ends with one of them yelling, “I love you, dammit!”=hottest.

Crisabel in forest 1 crisabel in forest 2

What is your favorite Crisabel scene of Season 2?

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