Lesbian TV’s cheating hearts (and other parts)


Monogamy. Fidelity. Commitment. To some, these words mean everything. To others, they fly out the window as soon as something tantalizing or destructive comes their way. In real life, cheating is heartbreaking and no one gets out completely unscathed. We want to be loyal and good partners, but sometimes something or someone flicks a switch in us and vows are broken, promises sullied.

Our feelings about the issue also strongly translate to our favorite television characters and couples. It’s rarely smooth sailing for our favorite ships, but nothing enrages or dismays fans more that when one or both members of a couple step out on each other. Whether it’s an “energy exchange” or a full blown, on-call room hook up, when our favorite characters waver in their commitment to their significant other, it causes fans to waver as well. Here are some of the most notorious and heartbreaking examples of unfaithful lesbian ladies on TV.


Guilty party: Naomi Campbell

Girlfriend: Emily Fitch

Cheated with: Sophia

Naomi, Naomi, Naomi. Not to beat a dead horse (too soon?) but she was dating the beautiful and smart, descendent of cockney wood sprites, Emily Fitch, when a casual roll in the hay with crazypants cadet Sophia nearly derailed their love. Things got really bollocksed when Sophia performed a deadly swan dive while on drugs that Naomi supplied to her. When Emily caught wind, she and her perfectly asymmetrical bangs walked away from the relationship. Luckily for Naomi, she managed to offer up the apology to end all apologies, and win back her lady-love. They lived happily ever after, and no one can tell me otherwise.

Grey’s Anatomyunfaithful2

Guilty party: Arizona Robbins

Wife: Callie Torres

Cheated with: Dr. Lauren Boswell

Last year was a very long one of physical recovery and depression for our plucky pediatric surgeon. Arizona was in the midst of trying to create a new normal for herself when Dr. Lauren and her desire filled eyes walked into Sloan Grey Memorial. For Arizona, a mix of admiration, need, and plain old attraction drew her to a frenzied fingerbang with Dr. Lauren in the on-call room. While Arizona was apologetic and full of regret, Callie wasn’t having it. Arizona, come on. Have you seen your wife dance in her underwear? It’s a glorious thing.



Guilty party: Callie Torres

LadyFriend: Erica Hahn

Cheated with: Mark Sloan

It’s easy to forget that Callie Torres has not always made the best calls in relationships. When cardiac surgeon Erica Hahn came on the scene, the two hit it off like gangbusters. Eventually, their friendship turned romantic. For Erica, it was so epic, she could finally see the world in goddamn Technicolor. Callie didn’t have quite the same reaction to her budding bisexuality. She dropped trou for Mark so he could “teach her” how to, ahem, properly pleasure a woman. Erica did not quite see the dalliance as quite so clinical, and shortly thereafter, she disappeared into the parking lot, never to be heard from again. They say her sexually frustrated spirit still haunts the coffee cart to this very day.

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