“Lost Girl” recap (4.1): Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Bo


New season, new drama, new relationships, new hair. OK, wait. Sorry. I really want to start this recap but that hair, that hair! OK, sorry. Pulling it together. Be professional. Rise above it. Proceed.

OK, so what is happening? But, really, what is happening? Kenzi is Scooby Dooing her way through a warehouse and her hands are sparkling like the Fourth of July. Did I miss a memo or did she way overbuy at the fireworks stand this summer?


Kenzi’s sleuthing gets her up-close-and-personal with a mysterious crate which is so Raiders, but hopefully with “less Nazi face melting goodness.” Kenzi, girl, sit closer to me–I’ve missed you so much. Before she can open it she gets caught by some henchman from the Una Mens, which sounds like a terrible exclusively male fitness center.

Just as she’s about to be turned into a Fae amuse bouche, Dyson and Hale come in to say she’s not the droid they’re looking for. And Kenzi pipes up that she’s not a droid at all. Because droids/humans can’t shoot fireworks out of their bodies, unless they’re Katy Perry and her sparklerboobs.


Though it seems Kenzi might doubt her own commitment to Sparkle Motion as she covertly blows on her hot little hands after the pyrotechniques display. Still the stunt satisfies the dude in the trenchcoat so mission accomplished.

Hale and Dyson drag our Kenzi-in-Fae-Sparklers away and tell her to stop getting herself almost killed/eaten/impersonated by a demon Fae. The disguise is necessary though because Kenzi is still a terrorist and if she isn’t with the Fae she’s against them or some such George W. Bushism. Hale’s just worried because he doesn’t want anything to happen to the girl who smells like sunflowers and Chardonnay.


Dyson brings Kenzi home and, hey, is Kenzi wearing Bo’s kimono. And, whoa, is Kenzi wearing all those thongs. And, sweet merciful Zeus, is Kenzi making out with The Wolf? I’m so confused. Is this the right show? I’m not necessarily against it, but I’m going to need a minute to realign my worldview. Dammit, now I’m going to have to Google their shipper name.


Kenzi and Dyson seem a little confused themselves about their relationship status what with Hale being so obviously gaga (in love, not in wearing a meat dress) over her and everything. Their processing (even without any gay ladies on screen yet, there’s so much processing) is interrupted by a knock at the door. Will you look at that, it’s Bo’s crazy mom, Aife. You remember Bo’s crazy mom, right? Wrong. Kenzi remembers she made “Ash who talks like Batman go boom,” but not the key mommy dearest part.

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