“All My Children” calls it quits—again


Say it ain’t so Binx!

While an official announcement has yet to be made by Prospect Park, it appears that the soap opera All My Children has been cancelled once again. Stars of the show including Debbi Morgan, Cady McLain and Eden Riegel took to Twitter today to express their disappointment and sadness at the show’s cancellation. When AMC came back from the soap graveyard earlier this year, fans cheered the return of their beloved daytime drama. Stepping out of the typical soap viewer comfort zone, the show aired in web series format on Hulu. A few of the show’s longtime actors signed on for the reboot, including Eden Riegel as Bianca.


The web series had issues from the get go, however. Its original format of four days of programming was reduced to two, and the production was also plagued with legal dramas and a labor dispute. Many new characters were introduced, and the show just didn’t have quite the same feel without fan favorite characters like Erica, Greenlee and Kendall. Bianca’s role was greatly reduced in the reboot, leaving fans pining for more and ultimately leaving them without the happy ending Binx so rightfully deserved. While the show never lived up to its original glory, it’s sad to say goodbye Bianca.


Bianca Montgomery not only changed the landscape of soaps, she changed the world. Soap fans got to watch Erica Kane’s daughter face adversity, thrive, love and be loved by her mother and everyone else in Pine Valley. Erica’s struggle, then ultimate embrace of her daughter’s sexuality opened the door to conversation and acceptance all across the country. While I wish Bianca could ride off into the sunset, I’m grateful for the time we had with her. She’ll carry with her the legacy of being one of the most important soap opera characters of all time.

Here are a few of Eden Riegel’s tweets of her favorite moments of All My Children.





Farewell dear Binx. Thank you for everything.

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